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Wednesday 29 May 2013

- Red or Violet Lips perfect for party -

  When you are going to a special occasion. 
What colour lips do you like for attracting your looks?
Red or Violet lips?

  I was pretty bored with natural makeup, so I will mix natural makeup with strong lip colors
 sometimes, when you are going to a special occasion like party/prom/wedding friends or maybe awards party hehehe...
you should be the star in the party.. OooO I think not in wedding party, because 
the queen of party should be the bride. isn't it?

I have 2 shocking colors for party
which is Red lips or violet lips...
and some makeup looks for that colors..

                                                           Red lips                                                                     
I think Red colors on my lips will be perfect, If I wear natural colors on eyes
because the red color itself is quite striking .
the natural and soft colors create the impression of not too heavy makeup looks.

Monday 27 May 2013

my favorite movie and books in entire of my life.

  I rather often watch movies at the box office {Mall}, and rather often, I reviewed and discussed some movies at my blog, but stupid me, I have not been reviewing my favorite movies of all time plus her novel

yipii.. today it will be gonna fun to review what is your favorite movie / Books ?
oke.. first of all! I wanna to say sorry if there are terrible grammars in English.
it because, my mother language is Bahasa, and most of my friend in twitter,blog and readers are international (random) people. means. only English I believe, all people in the world can understand it. 
if I wrote in BAHASA {my language} my International friends will skip and can't share with me..
so, I don't want to talk too long in this blog-- let's get read it

Sunday 26 May 2013

What I am wearing Today -by cominica

Ladies.. Brocade, chiffon are always make ordinary clothes look to be amazing.

This day will be a little different on my post.. I will share what I was wearing when I am going to Mall..
First of all, please forgive me to serve you ordinary photo for Fashion. It causesI take them with my smart phone not with my regular Camera. 

First of all, I saw these clothes. I instantly fell in love.
It has ivory color, brocade and quite interesting when viewed. I think. These clothes will make me sweat if I am wearing, because I have chiffon shirt and make me not really comfortable to use it.

Friday 24 May 2013

Lush Sweet Lips Scrub Review

Today I wanna share to you how to keep your healthy lips.
If you have chapped lips, sometimes your lips become darker, and appear fine line in your lips? It's time for you to pay attention on your lips. 

LUSH SWEET LIPS SCRUB                                             

Monday 20 May 2013

BEAUTY CLASS by WET N WILD & Miss Khatrine Kho

Guys! Wet n wild Beauty Class is coming back again!
Me & Team collaboration with Wet n Wild is proudly to invite you all to join our Beauty Class by Wet n Wild .

if you think.This would be the same as the previous class makeup. You are wrong Babe..
This is Special edition..Special edition?? why? Because Wet N Wild featuring with Miss Khatrine Kho 
(she is Professional Makeup Artist in Paris)

it will be your golden opportunity to learn directly with the makeup artist from Paris
where all the questions you want to ask can be asked During on beauty class.

you're not only learn directly by miss Katherine Kho, as long as you learn makeup for 3 hours, you will receive a certificate directly from wet n wild.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Review Astalift Whitening Mask

smileFollow me on Twitter @misskattiey

Hi Guys..
3 weeks ago, I got Package from ASTALIFT. They sent me Astalift whitening mask for review purpose.
I am lazy to try a sachet mask. why? because for me. all sachet masks are same. How about Astalift Whitening Mask? let we see.


Thursday 9 May 2013

Makeup for my Chubby cheeks

Happy Holiday everyone *__*
perhaps, some of you are relaxing at home enjoying this long holiday?
after married,I have a pretty high appetite, thus making me chubby. huahaha...
I eat noodle, mochi, hainam chicken rice, anything I like it.
now! I'm regret for eating a lot of  >,< my cheek becomes chubby. My belly looks like already have 2 children. OMG!
I don't want to be the fattest indonesian beauty blogger. OH NO NO!!
I have little perception that Indonesian beauty blogger must appear gorgeous , that could be an example to the public for their makeup.

I don't confidence if have excess fat in my belly.  My advice never assumed "Big is Beautiful!" because all diseases can be started from the problem of obesity. So, stay healthy.. Don't forget to do work out!! 

enough for chitchat huahaha...Now, I want share tips for makeup & hair for chubby cheeks like me :)

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