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Friday 24 May 2013

Lush Sweet Lips Scrub Review

Today I wanna share to you how to keep your healthy lips.
If you have chapped lips, sometimes your lips become darker, and appear fine line in your lips? It's time for you to pay attention on your lips. 

LUSH SWEET LIPS SCRUB                                             

Today will be gonna "OUR LIPS DAY!"
I got it from LUSH counter @Wisma ATRIA  435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877 (Unit No. B1-13).
It was quite expensive than you buy on LUSH UNITED KINGDOM. However, its oke. Because, Hi I was in Singapore, I bought this one for weekly maybe monthly lip care routine.
 Why Did I choose sweet lips as my variant?
Because I love chocolate's smell. The smell so good and this is 100% fresh sugar.
I taste some sweetlicious on my lips.

Texture, as you can see... It is granulated sugar..
Because Lush always have a fresh variants , I believe my lips rub would get an attacked by army ants.  Be careful when you close your lip scrub properly.

HOW TO USE IT?                                                          

 Take a small granulated sugar by ring finger or middle finger and then pat on your lips.
Message very gentle with your ring fingers (remember to don't push or scrub it hard, it will make your lips bleed.) 

I have another trick to make your lips healthier. I mix small granulated sugar with vitamin E. trust me. It works well on your lips.

After that rinse with warm water and don't forget to put your favorite lips' essence (not lipblam), why? Lip essence has formula and vitamin to make your lips moist after scrubbing and give vitamin on your lips where a lipbalm doesn't have.
Oke... These are my lips after I scrub and put vitamin E and essence.
My lips feel so smooth and died lip cell already peeled.
I did it once a month.

Now.. There are so many online shop opens LUSH PREORDER, you can follow their PO to get like mine.
Good luck

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you can share with me.. how to care your lips?


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