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Monday 27 May 2013

my favorite movie and books in entire of my life.

  I rather often watch movies at the box office {Mall}, and rather often, I reviewed and discussed some movies at my blog, but stupid me, I have not been reviewing my favorite movies of all time plus her novel

yipii.. today it will be gonna fun to review what is your favorite movie / Books ?
oke.. first of all! I wanna to say sorry if there are terrible grammars in English.
it because, my mother language is Bahasa, and most of my friend in twitter,blog and readers are international (random) people. means. only English I believe, all people in the world can understand it. 
if I wrote in BAHASA {my language} my International friends will skip and can't share with me..
so, I don't want to talk too long in this blog-- let's get read it


if I'm not mistaken, in 2008 when I was in college last semester. I saw a movie poster that make me stuck on my step for 20 seconds.
I try to understand what genre of this movie.. Horror? Romantic? Comedy? or Action?
I saw the handsome man in the poster looks like vampire.. I saw his pale face and awesome hairstyle.. I guess it will be Cool movie. I should have to watch it!
My ex Boyfriend {because he is my husband now} (´⌣`ʃƪ) told to me, that will be a boring movie.
he guess it, it will be no-action and only romantic film.

I said to him "I want!
so.. we bought that movie's ticket for us.
Honestly, I quite doubt if it will be good movie. because, this movie only has 1 studio.
{Explanation: in my country.. if there was Hit and Great movie, The film will be screened at least three studios.}

so here was my Favorite movie

Twilight is a 2008 American romantic fantasy film based on Stephenie Meyer's popular novel of the same name. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the film stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It is the first film in The Twilight Saga film series. 
  oh my Gosh! I believe most of you already watched it!
you know what??
I'm in love with this Movie. Twilight has a romantic and meaning stories.
I can't describe it well, I see Rpatz {robert pattinson} and Kristen play it very well!!
Robert shown his chemistry in this movie.
I am the one who always willingly for replacing Steward, if she can't play as Bella in Twilight { hahaha.. don't judge me just kidding #only dreaming lah) ╭ (′▽`)╯
 do you remember this scene? in Edward's room with soundtrack Claire de Lune { correct me if i wrong please}. and I love the way Edward did with his girlfriend.
he did with special way and so romantic. He always protect her for anything.

can you imagine if you have husband/ boyfriend like him? now! I am understand, why bella always want to be bitten by him. because she could be Immortal as a vampire.
so, Edward! please bite me too! hahaha

you can say, I fanatic with this movie. yesss I am..
I watched Twilight 6 times, newmoon 2times, eclipse 3times and Breaking dwan pt.1 2times and the last BK dawn part.2 =2times.
and after I watched Twilight, I see next week, Twilight had booming in the world and Twilght success has 4 studio in my country and play for 1.5 months.

after I watched Twilight, I saw in bookstore they sale TWILIGHT SAGA NOVELS
OMG!! I bought them all for reading.

I read twilight novel in every time I free.

   oh ya one moment I like in Twilight which is:
 I Remember Flighless bird as their soundtrack for prom dance. so lovely! and sweetyy
you gonna checkout their soundtrack and you might love it.

oh ya Bella's lulabby is the famous soundtrack when Robbert played piano in this movie.
 Because of this movie, I learn to play Bella's Lulabby Too. so hard to understand.
and so complicated to play in piano. but I did it
and awesome moment I'd to love is their romantic wedding scene.

oh no! I am not really like bella's wedding dress. I don't know why Stephanie Mayer can approve wedding dress like this? because If you read her novel. she describe wedding dress not like it. this is like oldschool maybe. do you think so?

they have lovely vow. OMG! so creative the director make the vow in this movie.
but catherine hardwi..is the best Director for twilight saga. she really understand and translate the novel into movie very well.

oh ya soundtrack for bella's walk when she was married is Turning Page.
I used it for my wedding too. LOL!

so this is my favorite movie and Novel. so what is yours? tell me with comment below 
with your link, I will love to read too.
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