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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review Astalift Whitening Mask

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Hi Guys..
3 weeks ago, I got Package from ASTALIFT. They sent me Astalift whitening mask for review purpose.
I am lazy to try a sachet mask. why? because for me. all sachet masks are same. How about Astalift Whitening Mask? let we see.


so today I wanna review ASTALIFT whitening mask. { Astalift Whitening Mask Review }
The packaging is quite funny, which is like envelope, and the inside, there is 1 sachet wrapped with aluminum foil mask.

once I was open aluminum foil, I quite amaze to look at the masker has orange-red colors, not like the ordinary sachet mask.
why the mask can be colored red?

Because it contains:
  • Astaxanthin
  • Collagen
  • Peony Extract
  • Yeast Extract

and now, lets I start to try it.

This is a unique mask because has dual layer construction whithin the cheek area. it helps deliver a skin nourishing to blend with anti-aging formula mix with whitening ingredients.
after open the packaging. I wear this mask over my face for 45  minutes, maybe more.
this mask has size large, and I think, it was quite large on my face.
its little less long in nose area. I think my nose isn't normal like others have. Because Our family has a long nose of the normal size of Asian's nose in general. {it because My great grandfather Dutch descent.} --- don't say : why you look so Chinese? I am not sure you have part of dutch descent!. The answer is : #forget it lah! zzzZzz -____-"

Back to Topic!
so here was my pose when I was waiting for 45 minutes.
 Do I looked like masked hero? --> means (pahlawan bertopeng temennya sinchan) or Orange mask hero? huahaha..
I noticed , the mask need 60 minutes to really absorb on my face.
I understand.. because it has double layer formula.
this is picture after 30minutes. the mask still not dry well.

 By the way and busway.. do you know what is the function of yeast extract? 
Yeast Extract has good benefit for skin, it can prevent wrinkle and fine line on your face.
there are so many beauty skincare from japan use Yeast as their ingredients for anti-aging.
so! if you are looking for skincare? and you are 20 years old. please aware with anti-aging.
because prevention is better than cure (correct or not?)

for me, because I am 20+. I always looking for anti-aging plus whitening (if there) for skincare. most of Japan's brand like SKII they have anti aging line, whitening line. however, I have not found whitening plus anti aging. Currently, I heard that ASTALIFT (Skincare from Japan) has it.

I am too obsess to be forever young..I wanna be...forever young #song.
I never forget to concern with my neck area. because our neck area is easy to wrinkle. it this mask, there are still so many leftovers inside silver packaging. I'm wasting them on my neck hahaha..


not only it has dual-layers so that it becomes thick, ASTALIFT Whitening Mask has a good quality mask sheet. I mean.. it is an elastic mask. see the picture below, how elastic is it.

The material of mask is wonderful. the cotton material was soft when I wear it. ASTALIFT Whitening Mask has comforting & calming of rose aroma. hmm, if you don't like rose aroma like me ( I hate rose aroma!) don't worry, ASTALIFT Whitening mask has pleasant scent of roses, so you will comfortable when used it.

so you wanna try? please read description below, where I got it. Anyway I would like say thank you for ASTALIFT Indonesia for sending me your wonderful products to review. I am so happy has chance to try Japan cosmetic and skincare.
  • Quite expensive. 

The wonderfull whittening and anti AGING mask :)

  --- Misskattie.com---


Where I got it?
ASTALIFT Seibu Grand Indonesia. Follow their Twitter and Facebook

is it comfortable to wear? 
Yes.. don't forget to cleans your face before going to bed.

How much is it? 
Rp 145.000,-

How long of usage will show the results?
once I used it, I see my Acne scars has little fade, and my skin feels soft ,smooth & Chewy

How  Long it will run out?
1 mask for 1 time using

definitely yes


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