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Sunday 26 May 2013

What I am wearing Today -by cominica

Ladies.. Brocade, chiffon are always make ordinary clothes look to be amazing.

This day will be a little different on my post.. I will share what I was wearing when I am going to Mall..
First of all, please forgive me to serve you ordinary photo for Fashion. It causesI take them with my smart phone not with my regular Camera. 

First of all, I saw these clothes. I instantly fell in love.
It has ivory color, brocade and quite interesting when viewed. I think. These clothes will make me sweat if I am wearing, because I have chiffon shirt and make me not really comfortable to use it.

These clothes have comfortable and light cotton. So the chiffon didn't make me sweat all day! 

I mix with my dark blue jeans , this is my favorite style when I am going to mall. hehehe
oh ya, where I got it? I get it from Cominica, She is a beauty blogger and Designer for Kawaii fashion, She has an online boutique. You can contact her for more details.

I am really liked to buy in the boutique than department store, because department store never produces one models of clothes in limited quantity , they produce in large quantity

I think, I do not like if I see someone wearing the same clothes that I wear at the same time.

the reason I choose to bought with Cominica = because she has unique fashion and I ever heard that her dress and clothes have good material with affordable prices.
sometimes, onlineshop doesn't  have a good material in fact, either they have cute and great in photo. This is fraud in pictures.

I contacted Cominica and ask regarding her quality clothes, She told me to don't worry. she made it with comfortable material and I can prove it.

when the package comes, I pretty amaze, she wrapped it with beautiful yellow paper with pink ribbon (sorry I didn't take the picture for it) the package comes with a pretty neat.

if you curious with her collections, come to her blog. :)

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