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Friday 7 June 2013

KAY Collections in Central Park Mall Jakarta

  Congratulation for your Grand Opening at Central Park Mall- Jakarta ya.. Kay Collections :)
xoxo -- misskattie.com --

yesterday, 6th June 2013. Kay collections has  open new branch in Central Park mall-jakarta. 

if you are not familiar with collections kay, let me explain to you.
Kay  collections is a beauty store where their company sells products such as Dolly wink Japan, japanese eyelash. Basically, everything related to Japanese cosmetic can be purchased here.  
Kay collections usually sell products at SOGO / department store, this time in Kay opened his own counter lt.3 Central park loh ^ _ ^  
unfortunately .. I was late to their Grand opening, because I have another business . so I  only take a few photos of their Grand Opening.

Btw.. Misskattie hope Kay collections more successful, and have more kawaii & harajuku (if not mistaken namely Japan's style) and keep cute in packaging


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