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Friday 21 June 2013

thefaceshop milk calcium nail pack Review

  Be careful if you are using fake nails! If not aware, then your nails will be damaged as a result as I did.

its been almost two months my nails damaged. the color looks like a moldy, so a bit of olive green.
in april 2013, I bought fake nails from Online Shop , let say "Online shop X / X". the design is quite simple.  I told to the owner that, I ever bought fake nail from others' online shop. She has a beautiful design but hasn't been good quality in Nail glue. I mean..My fake nail was easy to be detached.

The owner X said, maybe you're wrong when you wear nail glue or the glue is not good quality. She offered me to put my fake nails to my  nail, so that are not easily detached.  I thought. I was not professional in wearing that. I agree! 

yes! She has great nail glue. I can't remove it in 7days. I think it was normal. Because she said normally you can remove with warm water in 4-7 days. 

but!! After 1 month, the nail glue is still hold tightly on my nails. so I tried a little force to remove my fake nails with warm water.
Guess! what I got?  I shock when I saw there is green color like Fungi on my nails. I try to remove it with warm water! But It doesn't works.

I am so upset now , because I let her gluing all my nails, so that My nails can't easily to remove and broke my nail.

What has she done?
She was gluing all my nails like using topcoat! You know I mean? When I consult with my friends, she is the nail designer too, she told me that "Onlineshop X" gluing my nails with wrong ways. 

Don't applying the glue directly on your nails, because the ingredients of the glue may make your nail easily to be broken and if you can't open in 7 days may be moldy. 

if you want to use fake nail, applying the glue on your fake nail and then attach it on  your nails.
{this is the best way}

Try to treatment! 

THEFACESHOP has Nail treatment and I tried to their MILK Calcium Nail Pack. it is mask for nail like you wear glove for every fingers. THEFACESHOP has 3 variants , but I need strong nails so I choose Milk calcium Variant.

so, here is it!
it has 2 side for left and right pack. so you will get 1 pair for your fingers (10pcs)

when I open it, the scent of milk was very strong. honestly... I don't like the scent. not really powdery like cosmetic milk's scent. it is practice to use, just open it! and wear it one by one...
each nail pack contains a milk extract and calcium formula to make your nails strong.

I like the nail pack's materials like soft cotton. because it design for each finger not like a glove. I will not itchy on my hand. so it will comfortable to use in 30minutes.

but the weakness of this products are : strong scent and the mask was easy to fall because it can't be knotted.
after I am using it! I feel my nails moist and white line and green colors slightly fade. I hope it can works if I routine use.

Misskattie's said:
I like their nail pack because it will help my nail better

  --- Misskattie.com---


Where I got it?

is it comfortable to wear? 
Yes.. but! sometimes the mask is easy to fall.

How much is it? 
Rp 35,000,-

How long of usage will show the results?
once I used it, I feel my nails moist and white line slightly fade.

How  Long it will run out?
1 mask for 1 time using

definitely yes


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