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Saturday 13 July 2013

Event: Grand Opening Justice Indonesia

  Hi! I got Teen Rockin Party with Justice

Oh Gosh! It's already been almost 1 month, I don't post my blog... it's because I have another Business that forced me to always stay in and I no have time to Photo, writing  and Publish my new post.
Everyday I woke up. I try to remember "what I have to do for this day?" "Is there anything my task should be complete"  and bla bla bla....

However, I am happy to be a busy woman with my Business(because my job gives me money) Than be a woman who always busy with waste her time or maybe money to catch any attention to be famous. (what does it means?? I just meet one woman did that. I don't know what they are thought about. Nevertheless,she is already old (I guess by her face around 38+ years old) but stay did a makeup and looks to be 19 years old. 

I think. We are better if be ourselves. I mean you do not really. #cingcay ( I mean seedy). You will look more beautiful on your age, by wearing a right makeup and outfit which suitable with your age. 
You don't want to look like Stranger woman / mommy /teenage right?
For example:  You are 13 years old wearing high heels around 10 cm and using blazer with dark color, wearing pearl jewelry like your mom and give some volume on your hair by blow dry. 
--->You will look more age than you are. You n't look pretty on your age, why don't you try to use a colorful outfit with colorful jewelry and wearing comfortable sneakers or sandals. right? 

On the other hand, if you're on 35+ years old, you try to wear something cute and colorful that you think. Everyone will look you like a teenager.  But, in in fact! When you're going out, anyone will put their attention on you. it because you look like stranger woman or momy #galau on your age. LOL! seriously! I know, I mean, But I told you for better.

So, Justice Indonesia which is a girl Fashion Brand, which is one company with "Brothers" was invited me to celebrate their Grand Opening at Grand Indonesia.  Level 2 VM 2-22 on 20th of June 2013.

Their representative said that it will be looked like a teenager party. yeah! I got it when see their invitation.

When I was there , I was pretty amazing with their decoration like seventeen B'day Party. They made it as their theme for Girls.

there are a lot of activities on there such as Trunk Show, Tween dance performance, Acoustic Performance by Nelwans, Wacky photo booth (oh yes!should get it), Hair do corner and Nail art.

They serve invitation with Pretty cookies,cupcakes and snack. And while I was waiting, my  queue to  Hair do. I take a many photos in Wacky Photo Booth.

On this event, they let us know how to choose the right outfit for teenagers and for us. Oh ya I see Wulan Guritno (indonesian Artist) on the event as a guest. LOL!

So, Here's the looks of my hair do! my friend (emily) already take a picture . I just wait her send my braid hair to me..so I can show u how beautiful they made it.

I ask hair stylist to made it looks suitable with my age not too cute... I am the one who wear grey snake motif on right side :) Nice too mee you all.

oke. Actually, Any hair they did was "braid" . I always love to Braid my hair! Because it has many hair models looks funny and elegant by braid your hair. 

Excitement with hair braids.When  pre-wedding and married , I asked for Hair stylists to create beautiful braids in my hair.

oh ya I made on mix and match corner on this post. what do you think?? give score please..
never mind you said BAD.. I just try

oke... don't forget to Like their Facebook on HERE
and their international website for shopping on Here

oh ya I love their Logo! I want made one seems like this not 100%  but only as my reference. what do you think?

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