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Saturday 31 August 2013

Correct & Care ( CC Cream) From ETUDE HOUSE

hi all,
maybe cc cream is quite happening in Indonesia. however, I decide to start review for CC cream from Etude House.

Most of the people are mistaken about the CC cream, some people say: it upgrades from BB cream, facial moisturizer, healing cream,etc.
if you want  really to know about CC cream with photo and swatches, please click read more. 

Friday 30 August 2013


Hi everyone...
if you read my previous post, I had to share a coupon code from ZALORA INDONESIA , which means only to my readers in Indonesia ,which means only to readers in Indonesia  Here is your chance to save your purchase at ZALORA SINGAPORE.
Click read more to know , how ?

Tuesday 27 August 2013


Hi guys! this promotion only Valid for Indonesian Readers :) so I will use Bahasa to expalin, how it works.

Ladies.. suka belanja Online?? dan suka belanja di ZALORA ? bagi kalian penggemar belanja ONLINE , coba deh datang ke http://zalora.co.id/ disana, banyak banget produk FASHION & BEAUTY!!
jangan kemana -mana, click read more! karena kode voucher akan disebutkan!

Monday 26 August 2013

EVENT: Bioderma in Indonesia

Ladies... did you know that BIODERMA, now already in Indonesia??? 

The first time I got to know this brand, when I watch in youtube and when in singapore, there I saw Bioderma. I was quite surprised 3 months ago, I was contacted by Bioderma for a little discussion about this brand.

in my mind, whether Bioderma will go to Indonesia?? yah! possible!!
directly with pleasure, I agreed to meet with Bioderma.
Saturday, 24th August 2013. Bioderma held a few private class to introduce Bioderma for the Blogger and media.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

What Happend with me?

Yes this is the correct title to describe what happend with me?
Oke, because this gossip only happend in Indonesia.so, I will write in Bahasa and I hope all my friends in others countries can join on my next gossip.
believe me...
I really want to tell this gossip in english. But, currently I really need any advice from Indonesian people, maybe some of them didn't understand in English well. So once they open my blog. They will skip my post.,,

So, let's begin.

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