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Saturday 31 August 2013

Correct & Care ( CC Cream) From ETUDE HOUSE

hi all,
maybe cc cream is quite happening in Indonesia. however, I decide to start review for CC cream from Etude House.

Most of the people are mistaken about the CC cream, some people say: it upgrades from BB cream, facial moisturizer, healing cream,etc.
if you want  really to know about CC cream with photo and swatches, please click read more. 

I am not going to copy and paste, what is cc cream like others blogger reviewed. I will share and give conclusions with photos to prove and test correct and care cc cream from Etude house. 
After learn, browsing and read and test by myself. I found that CC cream is a combination from makeup base with the corrector formula for skin tone. Nowadays, CC cream has variants silky and glow from Etude. 

I choose glow as my variant for CC cream.so that, my face a little healthy glow.

Cc cream have 8 benefits in 1 package, I can say it is multi-function base.
Its have:
  • Anti-aging
  • Stress Relief
  • Hydration
  • Whitening
  • Sun Protection
  • Tone up
  • Smooth Texture
  • luminosity

for me, it's like a makeup base plus concealer for the face. which, I have sensitive skin, like redness can be camouflaged with CC cream.  I use CC cream combine with BB cream or maybe with Foundation to give luminous makeup like korean artist :p

As Base Makeup

if you like matte and silky , I suggest to you to choose silky as your shade. Silky has matte texture but still has good coverage to camouflage unbalance's skintone. But, If you have party invitation to show up your makeup, try Glow as you shade.

You can use before foundation like this

or combine CC cream with BB cream/ foundation

With a ratio, 1:3 mean 1 pump cc cream for 3 pumps of foundation/BB cream, and then blend with your foundation brush, don't forget for your neck area.

After blend it, the glow effects haven't yet appeared

the results will appear visible after 5 minutes.

oke! now test on my face! i used shade #n02 with w13 for bb cream cotton fit.

here's my photos used CC cream with ratio 1:3

cotton fit has quite good coverage for my acne scars.

so, the conclusion from misskattie.com :

Correct and  care cc cream

    coverage   :  

    long lasting :

    moisture  :  

    oil control  :  

    Result for Rating:

Etude BB cotton fit cream

    coverage   :  

    long lasting :  


    Moisture   :  

    Oil Control:  

    Result for Rating:

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