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Monday 26 August 2013

EVENT: Bioderma in Indonesia

Ladies... did you know that BIODERMA, now already in Indonesia??? 

The first time I got to know this brand, when I watch in youtube and when in singapore, there I saw Bioderma. I was quite surprised 3 months ago, I was contacted by Bioderma for a little discussion about this brand.

in my mind, whether Bioderma will go to Indonesia?? yah! possible!!
directly with pleasure, I agreed to meet with Bioderma.
Saturday, 24th August 2013. Bioderma held a few private class to introduce Bioderma for the Blogger and media.

with the theme of love your skin, Speaker of Bioderma started explaining their advantages, and their star product is The Sensibio makeup remover.
I've been eyeing Bioderma long enough, since I watched the youtube ~ Bubzbeauty (maybe you know the beauty of this one teacher).she loved Bioderma so much. For me, I came to this event, like getting a beauty Trophy.

for me, reviewing and reporting to the product that I really love is passion, and the positive public opinion will be formed if the blogger loves the products that she used for reviewing.
like me, I had tried Bioderma know before, and I know the outline and results of Bioderma.

I as a user, will not discuss the ingredients of the product.  because the scientific term would be difficult to understand for the lay reader.

Bioderma also gives us the opportunity to test the ph balance of every type of face cleanser such as cleansing milk, oil, gel.etc.

I did a test with the ph balance's tester, and determine levels of ph in each cleaner based upon the chart of ph balance.
in this result showed that the normal fine of Ph balance between 4 - 6
maybe 5.5 ph is fine.

Cleansing milk and  Michelle 1 formula are great for our skin as  cleanser because they have  ph between 5 - 5.5

I found the reason why they loved Sensibio as their makeup remover, It because sensibio can remove makeup even waterproof  in 1 step. You don't need to use cleanser and cleansing foam again.

I tested it with Foundation plus mineral foundation on my hand, which have heavy covering.
With Sensibio, I just only path in on my skin and massage gently and peel of the cotton, 
all foundations already gone, see it!

you're still curious about the Bioderma?? wait for my review of Bioderma :) oh ya Bioderma will be available in our local drugstore such as Guardian on 1st September 2013. Be ready to have it all.


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