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Saturday 7 September 2013

EVENT: ( Dr.jart+ v7 )Dr.Jart+ Introducing V7 Multivitamin for Brightening Skin

  Dr.Jart+ : Introducing V7 Multivitamin for Brightening for sensitive skin. Dr.jart+ di Indonesia.

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Do you know if Dr.jart already in Indonesia?
on 28th August 2013 I was invited by Dr.Jart +  for attending their star product introductions,   which is V7 series.

Everybody wants to be free from dull skin, pigmentation, blemishes. Because of age, genetic and environmental conditions are often the cause of skin problems. Therefore, at Upperoom Annex Building. + Dr.Jart dermatological leading global brand from korea, launched the latest series of brightening series V7.

V7 :  the brightening facial series that can help to brighten your face from the sun and air pollution with vitamins A, B3, B5, C, E, F and H.
V7 series is a series with vitamins that regenerate damaged skin so the back as usual, and healthy.

V7 circuit consists of:

  • V7 Turnover Booster (Toner) Rp 508.000
  • V7 Renewal Serum Rp 638.000
  • V7 Relief Vita Drop (Elmusion) Rp 458.000
  • V7 Vitacream (Spot Treatment) Rp 578.000
  • V7 Beauty Balm (Makeup) Rp 488.000
Lee Jin wook, CEO Dr.Jart+ said that he was proud to release Dr.Jart+ in Indonesia. whereas in Korea itself, Dr.Jart + already known as Dermatological Skincare's brand. 

Dr.Jart+ focused on product safety by prohibiting the use of ingredients that can cause skin irritation without using artificial fragrancecoloring, and  alcohol.
so Dr.Jart safe use by sensitive skin though.

Dr.Jart+ brought 6 variants of BB cream in Indonesia , where all variants are suitable for Indonesia's skin.

sometimes, BB cream is too much lighter than our skin, it because BB cream is different with Foundation. Foundations have main function to cover the non-perfect skin like blemish, spot, etc
and BB cream was designed for skin care and cosmetic, which are they made in 1 or 2 shades and have vitamin, moisturizer and any benefits that Foundation doesn't have.
Tips : if you feel that bb cream is too much lighter, please use the darker or natural compact powder and blending with powder brush to achieve the nearest skin toneas you want. 

After the event, some Media did interview with speakers and the others' invitation enjoy the meal and drink that Dr.Jart+ served. But, Misskattie did experiment with Dr.Jart+ BB cream because in this event. I can Look and tried as I want.
so here is my bare face without BB cream

Because I have Blemish and oily skin, I tried silver BB cream and here is the final looks using Silver BB cream from Dr.Jart+

bb cream usually is not good enough than foundation to cover up my blemish and acne scars. I can give  thumbs up for Silver BB cream from Dr.Jart + because it can cover my blemish well without put thick and heavy layers. 

In this photo, I don't use powder again. I just test and use their BB cream, and it is perfect for oily skin, after I back to my home, My face wasn't oily. it has good in oil control.

I was too excited to try BB cream in this event, I feel quite hungry, so i Queue their food stand to try Korean soup. and you know what?? I forget to bring their Goody bag LOL! but Dr.Jart+'s PR is too kind for me, She knows and sends the goody bags to my home. Thanks ^^

look how cute this place reminds me with Chemistry subject when I was in Senior HS.

oh yeah a little joke, when I was in there, I see  Eru on the stage. LOL! but I realize that he wasn't Eru.

Do you think, does Mr.LEE similar to Eru (korean's singer & actor)?

Thanks for reading my blog ^^ Please add me as your friend by google connect on sidebox. because I will Review about Dr.Jart+ itself.

anyway don't forget to Follow their media social 

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