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Sunday 8 September 2013


Event: T.G.I.F! never feel better than going to Beauty event on Friday! here's MAKEUP FOREVER PRO FINISH!
Makeup Forever issued Pro Finish ( Powder + Foundation) as supporting makeup Perfection.

Friday, 6 august 2013 at Plaza Indonesia

As you know, If you read "about me" on my side box, I wrote that Makeup Forever had become one of my favorite Makeup Brands. I remember very well, the first product I loved from MUFE was HD Foundation.

MAKEUP FOREVER HD FOUNDATIONS not only will make my look flawless on camera, it was so light to wear like using air-brush foundation. I used it on my wedding reception.

When I got an invitation From their PR, I wouldn't want to miss it. it would be easy and fun to Review about this brand, because I love their products a lot..

Makeup Forever PRO FINISH
Rp 490.000,- 
PRO FINISH is easy to apply and technically advanced thanks to its innovative, sophisticated, 100% adaptable formula. with this universal compact foundation, every woman can do her own make-up like a pro.

The PRO FINISH's unique texture can be used wet or dry for a natural effect every time, with a full matte or sheer, semi-matte finish and  to produce an endless array of effects that are adaptable to suit different skin types. The unique about that is can be reapplied s needed and yet remain light. it is extremely malleable, making it perfect for touch-ups while still achieving a natural look.

Do you know that Danny took 70 trials and more than 100 tests before the unique, patented formula was approved. its designer, R&D Manager Richard Girousse, has been translating Dany Sanz's creative ideas into formulas for 20 years. He spent 6 years to perfrecting the highly complex formula for PRO FINISH and creating the most practical compact foundation for professional makeup artists and all women.

The Secret?
  • Pigments coated with plant lecithin for 100% adaptable results.
  • 45% Less talc for instant luminous perfection.
  • Skincare Ingredients for ultimate skin comfort 
The Sponge: Skin on Skin

The PRO FINISH sponge is a technical marvel made of celfine, a high tech, exclusive noble material that can achieve optimum application either wet or dry.

This "skin" sponge has tiny pores, and it is a soft and supple just like facial skin. It also creates a "water reservoir" when damp, its cells can hold enough water to emulsify the product and deliver just the right close.

with a wide diameter that can be smoothed over the entire face, blending to achieve the desired result.

If you want to know more about Makeup forever Pro Finish ? please add me as your friend add next side box by google+ connect and follow my Twitter.


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