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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Pocky choco banana Flavour

Adventurefood: Pocky - Pocky is yummy

Hi Snack lovers!
Today I wrote with different font, just want to update and refresh my new font :)
anyway.. Because my sister in law poisoned me with her habit which always eat snack or cookies. so, I love snacking now. >_< , if she read my post, she would say, " yeah...why you blaming me because you like snacking now?huh?"

I love Banana so much!
I don't know when I like to eat banana, actually, I like the smell of banana that eating it.
I have a banana mask from skinfood, I'd love drink banana juice, pie banana,etc

when I found this at mini mart, I am so happy and yeay yeay! 

Bananas' aroma is quite noticeably, and Pocky choco banana flavor isn't too sweet 
are you snack lovers? try Pocky Choco banana now!

thanks for reading my update blog & see u next post 

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