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Monday 7 October 2013

Dr.Jart+ Water-Max Sleeping Mask review

When I was taking photo for Review purpose, I found my face become dry, it causes I am always turned on AC on my rooms every time ( I guess)..
so, here is my Dehydrated skin because dry skin. 

As I remember, I can easily get acne because I am oily skin, but sometimes I get dry skin for a while. I don't know why I see on mirror. My face is very serious dry... and crack.

See the picture. How dry my skin :( I try to mask my face with mask sheet, but, it doesn't work.

Mask sheet just smooth my face when I was wearing it, after it, in 20 minutes, it changed to dry again. 

see. how terrible my face now  Usually, I use SKII FTE, but as you guys read on my post before, I finish my SKII FTE and not yet re-purchase again, so. Here is my crack skin :( 

I want to share with you, how  can I survive to fight my crack or dry skin?  this is based on a true story :P (like a movie) seriously, I want to share my experience about it.

maybe some of the beauty blogger already review about Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask, actually, I don't like wearing a mask during i am sleeping. because I was afraid my mask will stick on my pillow. so, I never use sleeping mask. however,
I will not let my face dry continuously,due to loss of moisturizer and make me easily wrinkled.

Dry skin not only causes your skin easy to wrinkle, but it can also make your face get a dark spot.  Some people said don't forget to wear  UV protection before going to out  for dry skin type. oke, back to topic how I survive to fight my dry skin! I ask to "mbah google" what is the function of sleeping mask? so, Basically Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask is created to be overnight treatment to strengthen skin barrier function, 

Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask, this is overnight  mask to help to deliver moisture during the night's restorative process. returns moisture within the skin to give energy and improve complexion.

Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask makes my skin smooth by preventing dryness. it is a must have item for everyone ( woman / man) who are sleeping with AC to restore the moisture during we are sleeping. 

Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask is safe for sensitive skin, because they have 4 Free system :
  • Free of preservatives.
  • Free of alcohol. 
  • Free of fragrances.
  • pigments protects the skin with lactobacillus peptide for a luxurious experience without irritation. 
Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask is around 1.7 Fl. Oz or 50ml and you can use it as night cream 10 minutes before sleeping, and don't forget to cleanse off in the morning with warm water.


I like the green / tosca/ baby green pastel as the colors's packaging of  Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask and it has pump packaging , so you can easily pump it , when you want to wear it. sometimes's I don't like packaging with the cup , when I throw the cup, I can't close the product again until I found the cup. so with pump packaging will help for careless human like me :P 

about the texture Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask: it has a same texture like other's mask, chewy creamy texture but easy to apply on my face. 

i am using Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask every night and replace my night cream for a while until my moisture skin restored again. if you have oily skin, I suggest to you to use 2 days a week, don't use it every night, I worry you will get oily skin easily.

I pump Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask 4-5 times and make in 2 layers on my face to protect from Air Conditioner in my rooms. Not, only use Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask to fight my dry skin, I drink 3000ml everyday ( the big aqua bottle) to help me restore my skin. 

drink mineral water minimum 8 glasses a day will help you to keep your moisture and protect your beauty skin from the skin's problems like me. I realize that I rarely drink due to work.  so, I bought AQUA 1000ml and put on my desk, so I will remember to drink everytime I work :)

oke, I will give you the result after using 
Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask.  actually, I get a problem with lighting in my room to give more clearly pictures,  I tried it as I can, so you can see the different after using Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask. but if you are not clearly, I will replace the picture into new one, so you can understand how Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask helps me to fight dry skin from my face.

I get the different when using it after 14 days, because our skin will re-generate every 14-28 days so you will get an effect after you use 14-28 days, so keep to continue it until 28 days .
:) Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask can't help me from acne scars, but I am using POND'S for my acne scar's treatment ( I will review it) and Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask only helped me for dry skin and makes my skin smooth. I really recommend for everyone who are using AC.

Overall Rating 5 / 5


Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask Review

I can give score A for this product, because my skin becomes supple, chewy and smooth after use it in 14 days, and sure bye bye Dry skin :) and no worry again to use AC when sleeping. after my skin normal like before, I am using  Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask 2 days a week. it safe for sensitive skin :)










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