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Saturday 26 October 2013

Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

Hi everyone,
If you are a huge fan of etude, maybe you are already now that Etude always releases new, unique and cute products as their innovation to fulfill the girl’s imagination and makeup needed.
Now, again Etude release Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion as a new product in mid October 2013.

Actually, etude has 2 variants of their cushion which are:
Pink and white packaging. Don’t asked me what is the different between both .I don’t know how to answer it, it because Etude only sent me Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion for sample product to try out.

The packaging same like compact powder or powder pact, it has a puff in there.
It’s not like a regular puff, it’s sponge for FOUNDATION , it’s create to deliver the Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion liquid to our skin.

In the behind, you can pull the white packaging to change the refill if your Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion already gone.

Oh ya, every Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion was sealed by their sticker to give the sign that their products always new in their packaging.

Oke, As you can see that the foundation already in the sponge and the sponge always wet because there is a foundation inside, so your makeup will long last. 
I try to the press the sponge and then the foundation will come out, the texture quite liquid but creamy, maybe I call it half creamy.

For coverage,
Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion doesn't have great in coverage; it has less coverage for acne scars. I still see my acne scars even I already use the cushion in 6 layers. It’s good for daily makeup during on your work or collage because don’t heavy.

If my Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushio already finished, I will replace with any cushion in white packaging  :D or maybe I will pour my foundation under the sponge. :D what do you think? Will it work or not?

Now, Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion SPF 50,PA+++ already in indonesia, you can buy on ETude House Indonesia. DOn't forget to add me as your Friend on Google+ connect or follow my tiwtter @misskattiey


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