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Monday 25 November 2013

katnis was wearing wedding gown from jakarta

Hi everyone.
Have u already watched The Hunger Games : Catching fire?
If not yet. Please go to theatre and watch this movie.
Catching fire is different with twilight saga, so no vampire, no romantic .

For me catching fire is like an adventure movie, not 100% adventure, this is mix between action, drama, adventure and animation.
THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES has 3 books, the catching fire is second book of HG series.

Something make me interest when i hear the interview between host and her stylist for wardrobe on Catching fire movie is Katniss' wedding dress is collaboration with Tex Saverio from Jakarta. 
I playback in 3 times to make sure it.

And yeah.. I sure 100% i hear that this gown was collaborated with young designer from jakarta .

And the designer from jakarta show his/her sketch by skype. And now for people who have wedding plan for next year, who want to made ur wedding dress on tex saverio? Maybe it will more more expensive because she/he already known as designer for katniss' wedding dress on catching fire.

You can watch this video to know more


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