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Friday 13 December 2013

SALLY HANSEN: how do I keep my nails healthy and strong after using nail colors

  My Nails more stronger

Hii Beauty ^_^
I am a little tired for replying any comments about the clinic owned by Hengki... it's nothing but makes me waste more time, to reply any comments about this . as you know, that Hengki claimed his self like a "magic healer" who can help any couple to get their child naturally. but, I already come to his clinic and  and  I've proven by myself. He is a liar for me. 

oke, enough talk about him, let's talk about Beauty again ^_^.

My nails are very thin, easily broken, cracked and yellowish after I remove nail colors.

so at this time, I want to share my monthly routine to "how do I keep my nails healthy and strong after using nail colors?"

this post is suitable for anyone who likes coloring her nails every week or every month.

I get a simple manicure before, from Sally Hansen's event. they did it very well and awesome :)

This photo was taken by my friend when the event took place, she helps me to get this nice picture :) thanks emily :D

sally hansen tutti frutti nail polish
how beautiful that's colors... I love Sally Hansen's nail polish because they have long lasting shine effects like using gel nail polish..

and now it's time to remove my old nail colors.

I will use their nail remover. they don't have strong fragrance or nail remover. it easy and fast to remove my nail colors. one thing I like their Nail Remover is their nail remover doesn't make my nails dry and cracked after it. it keeps my nails smooth and still moisture.

they take my nail polish like magnetic and easy to use. just pour a little nail remover on a cotton pad. wrap your nails with smooth press and massages. after it peeled the cotton pad and done.

here's my nails after I remove with Sally Hansen Nail remover

I let my bare nails for a day , and then I use SALLY HANSEN VITAMIN E NAILS & CUTICLE OIL
it helps me to moisture my nails after using remover and smooth my cuticle so that I will be easy to remove my cuticle without pain.

I leave my bare nails again for 1 day before the next step for keep my nails strong and shiny ^^

now... it's time to use SALLY HANSEN NAILS HARDENER.
It has a brush as the  applicator, so you can be easy to use it like coloring your nails. 

Next, I am using SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE CURE STRENGTHENER , I like Miracle cure because their guarantee in  days our nails will more stronger.

and now my monthly routine for keep my nails strong are complete.

actually, I had  been filming this Post into Video , but I lost my Video because of viruses attack my Memory card :( 

So here's the summary of what I do: 

and these are the products that I've been using during treatment:

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and talk to u later,



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