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Sunday 24 February 2013

January 2013 - Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Finally, my first ipsy glam bag january 2013 already on my hand.
as you guys now. I already inform on my twitter that I had subscribe Ipsy Glam since end of year 2012.
Ipsy was send my glam bag to my friend's house in USA. She was help me to send my Ipsy glam to Indonesia.

I just pay $10/month to get my fabulous beauty glam bag. and free shipping fee To all USA. Great deals.
here's my January 2013 - Ipsy Glam Bag ^_^ enjoy...

January theme's is "super star" with their slogan ~ True star will always shine.
I got 5 Beauty items and 1 Beauty Pouch .

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange
The scented of body butter is quite pungent, I could smell the scent of mandarin orange. texture isn't sticky and moisturize, I think the travel size is a good idea for I bring anywhere. actually, it has good texture and not like ThebodyShop Body butter which is too sticky and can melt my skin, Thus making my skin feel oily and hot. only scent I don't like too strong for me. I recommend it for you, if you love Mandarin orange's scent.

Big Sexy Hair Spary
my hair is pretty "naughty", everytime I curl my hair. it would be lost within 15 minutes and returned to straight.
so, I think travel size of Big sexy Hair will help me to spray my hair to keep my hairstyle. it is easy to bring, it can be attach on my Beauty pouch, very easy for bring.. it will be impossible to bring a big one to hold my hairstyle. so, this is good idea for me ^_^

Jossie Maran 100% Argan Oil
  did you know benefit of Argan oil? have u ever hear the funtcion of it?
I ever Read on Beauty Magazine. Argan oil is very rare and precious oil which has been used for centuries as beauty ingredients.
  • anti aging ~ it has high level of Vitamin E, and antioxidant than can reduce damage of harmful free radicals reducing the progress of skin aging.
  • Healing ~ This oil has triterpenoids that can help heal and protect skin. You can use this oil for healing old and new scars; reduce skin inflammatory conditions like eczema and psoriasis and common skin conditions like pimples and acne.
  • Protecting ~ It can add a layer onto skin to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun as well as a disinfectant layer that will keep pollution and toxins. 
Argan oil benefits are too many to mention, it will be more pages to explain about argan oil
Jossie Maran has 100% Pure argain oil with simple packaging from brown glass with pipette like Khiels MRC, to make user easy to apply on skin.
 Jossie Maran 100% Pure argan oil  can be used for:
  • Daily Moisturizer
  • Hair Treatment
  • Nail Treatment
  • Bath oil
I promise, I will try and make a review for it, I ccurious now...

this january, Ipsy has theme for "to be a star", Red, is perfect for Red carpet as a star ^^
shade they sent to me is Bloody Marry. it will like Bloody, if you wear in 5 layers.
I think they send me Fullsize product for Nailtini. I got 15ml
January Glam Pouch
   Perfect zipper (easy to close and open) , material quite good such as parachute material.
it has label "ipsy" inside, perfect beauty pouch.
I suggest to Beautybox in the world, if you want to make beautybox/similar like beautybox. 
for Me as user prefer get a 1 pouch than thousand boxes, because pouch can be use to keep all beauty items I have, and useful for me.

and the last, I forgot to take picture of it. 
Soho Eyeliner Brush
First I get this brush, I was excited. but when tested, I was quite disappointed.
Soho has created a brush for eyeliner too thick, difficult to use. especially, for mono-lid like me.
they are designed to be easy to hold , perfect curve! 
maybe, I will use it as Concealer brush for me, LOL!
overall, I quite Happy to get my ipsy.com bag. maybe I will rate 3 of 5.
so that's all I have in my January Beauty Glam 2013. I am waiting my February Beauty Glam 2013 by ipsy.com
thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all enjoy with my experience to try my first time Beauty Glam :) 
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