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Thursday 9 May 2013

Makeup for my Chubby cheeks

Happy Holiday everyone *__*
perhaps, some of you are relaxing at home enjoying this long holiday?
after married,I have a pretty high appetite, thus making me chubby. huahaha...
I eat noodle, mochi, hainam chicken rice, anything I like it.
now! I'm regret for eating a lot of  >,< my cheek becomes chubby. My belly looks like already have 2 children. OMG!
I don't want to be the fattest indonesian beauty blogger. OH NO NO!!
I have little perception that Indonesian beauty blogger must appear gorgeous , that could be an example to the public for their makeup.

I don't confidence if have excess fat in my belly.  My advice never assumed "Big is Beautiful!" because all diseases can be started from the problem of obesity. So, stay healthy.. Don't forget to do work out!! 

enough for chitchat huahaha...Now, I want share tips for makeup & hair for chubby cheeks like me :)

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