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Monday 27 May 2013

my favorite movie and books in entire of my life.

  I rather often watch movies at the box office {Mall}, and rather often, I reviewed and discussed some movies at my blog, but stupid me, I have not been reviewing my favorite movies of all time plus her novel

yipii.. today it will be gonna fun to review what is your favorite movie / Books ?
oke.. first of all! I wanna to say sorry if there are terrible grammars in English.
it because, my mother language is Bahasa, and most of my friend in twitter,blog and readers are international (random) people. means. only English I believe, all people in the world can understand it. 
if I wrote in BAHASA {my language} my International friends will skip and can't share with me..
so, I don't want to talk too long in this blog-- let's get read it

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