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Friday 3 January 2014

Wish List 2014 and Christmas Gift 2013

  New Year 2014**

Merry Xmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 Friends,
Thank you for coming back to my Diary..
I am just happy, Because I can through 2013 , that for me 2013 is not a really good year.
how about you guys? 

what did you do For spending your Long Holiday? do you have some vacation or trip?
This year, I don't go anywhere.. because I should save my money for my new house.

I will move to my New House in May 2014, yeay.. finally, my husband and I will move to my House. I rent out my house for newly wed around 3 years. We decide to rent out our house , because we were married in November 2012, so we can't stay together before married. 
We decide to rent our house in 2011 until 2014. 

now, we realize that we want to stay only both of us, without mother in law and his family (because after we married, I stay on his family's house for 1.5 years) My Husband said that he wanted to build our new family (only both of us, because I haven't yet got a baby).
so, I support him to start a hunt any new living and kitchen stuffs. 

We are a  new couple :D and we are still learned how to manage our new family and communicate when we were alone. I start to safe our money to buy a kitchen set. I don't have any idea, what is material for a good kitchen set? 

Here are our lists for our new house: 

  • refrigerator --> I am looking brand such as Sharp with height around 180cm and quite wide. so I can keep our meat, fruits , anything in there. (this is my favorite, but we are not yet fixed to have it. We still need any advice from others about a good refrigerator. )

  • AC --> My husband thinks that SAMSUNG or sharp is good brands.I do not want to spend money to buy a cheap AC , and after it, my AC needs to be repaired every three months (like many people talk) 
  • Kitchen Stove ---> first of all, I really want to have an electric kitchen stove, because I am so scary every time I turn on a stove. I have a phobia with a fire when I was a little girl.  BUT! I am searching, learning and talk with other's house wife who buy an electric stove, they said "DON't BUY electric stove" because you need special pan (made from metal) to use it, you can't use regular pan, because the electric stove will not work on it. I decide to choose MODENA, my mom used it and her Modena quite strong until 17 years. so I decide to have MODENA as my kitchen stove. I choose the HOB as my kitchen stove model. what do you think guys? 

because I am not a pro in the kitchen, I think I don't really need a professional stove . 

  • Curtain: yes! I need the curtain for my new house. I think the silver / milk / caramel is good colors for our curtain.
  • Dining Table: yay! I already Found my dinning table. I really like something classic. so I choose dining table with a beautiful wood engraving. My sister in law said that my choice remains her like majapahit kingdom. LOL. really??

  • SOFA:  Choose a set of SOFA wasn't easy, because we want Fluffy and cozy Sofa. So our guest and us, will be comfortable when we are sitting in SOFA. My husband wants 3.2.1 type of SOFA. I think it will not fit on my small, minimalist house. we decide to choose 3.1.1 Type as our sofa with full of fluffy and soft materials made from silicon. I don't have this pictures yet. but I will put the photo,once my sofa done.
  • TV : lucky me! my mom and dad give us new flat TV , so we don't need to buy new TV .
  • Buffer TV Stand: oh GOSH! my sister in law is a smart devil , she knows how to poison me. she let me know that a seller sells a beautiful classic Buffer TV stand. looks! how cute is that?  this is my wishlist! i keep that.
  • Round toilet, bath up, shower kit : we want made a new bathroom 
oke that are my list for our home's stuff.

anyway! I have a beautiful xmas present from my Old sister. she gave me a Limited edition of SKII. #wow O-o .. look at that!

 I really want to have this limited-edition bottle.. she said that she gave it to me with 1 condition: I should follow her going to Bali 2014. Because she wants to have a holiday in Bali, and she doesn't have a friend to accompany her. She asked me to accompany her. ( I don't know my Husband will agree or not with this plan) because only me, and my sister will go to Bali alone. 

so here is my xmas gift , enjoy!
SKII Christmas edition 

Than you for reading my blog, see u next post

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