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Sunday 16 February 2014


Jasmine Protein Mist

Hi everyone. Today I wanna share my experience to you "how to change hairstyle after hairspray?". maybe some of you ever found this situation.
when I am searching in google and  talking with some of community in hair expert. 
they suggest to me to try " Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist".

I will explain to you what is it?
this is a mist that can help you to prepare hair with a moisture balance , before application of the other styling aids.

Benefits of Oscar Blandi Jasmine PROTEIN MIST:
  • Increases hair’s flexibility to prevent over-drying and breakage when restyling
  • Improves wet and dry combing
  • Provides humidity resistance
  • Protects hair from heat styling
  • Reduces static and fly-aways
  • Jasmine and  Lavender essential oils provide a sensual, intoxicating, relaxing scent

I really complicated, while attending my family parties
Wherein at holy matrimony , I usually choose to straighten my hair first so that, at night, I could easily curl my hair. 

 if I choose to curl my hair at the beginning, then when I want to straighten out, it would be really messed up, it will not be straight unless washed, at least not really straight, my hair will look like "lion's hair" so I prevent to do curl my hair at the first.

BUT!! now I found Oscar Blandi Jasmine PROTEIN MIST

it triple really helps you to solve this situation! you will never worry when you have to curl your hair in the beginning and then  straighten your hair on the last, you can use it!
Just spray your curling hair with Oscar Blandi Jasmine PROTEIN MIST, and you're ready for re-styling your hair without need shampoo and never get messy hair. 

This is a screen shoot of demo they made, you can see the differences in there:
hair stylist starts to made curling hair , he used oscar blandi products for left side and another brand's products on the right side.
on the left side: He sprayed Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray to make a volume hair before curling. It was really helpful for thin hair like me. 

next with pronto dry styling heat protect spray to help protect hair from hot tools until 450°F. next he sprayed with Oscar Blandi Hair spray , I like Oscar Blandi Hairspray, because it will not make hair stiff and coarse.
the other side:  without volumizing and protection hair, he started to curl model's hair and spray it with other's brand's hairspray. 

next they prove to me how jasmine protein mist made her hair returned as before.
On the left side, he sprayed with Oscar Blandi Jasmine PROTEIN MIST

on the right side, he tried to use baby powder on model's hair to t eliminate the effects of hairspray so that her hair can be restyle again.

Sorry for blurring pictures, it because I am using video mode and do a screenshot by video into a picture

and this is final result after hairstyle.

you can see the difference of using Jasmine protein mist, it made her hair smooth looks like natural. 

after it! i will use it on the next Saturday for my hair. because my sister will get married on 22th Feb 2014, I will do curling in the morning and  straighten hair during a party night. 
(please come back to read my report)
oke... at their boutique , I have chance to try their volumizing mist, because my hair really looks thin, I hate my hair >.<

so here's before I am using volumizing mist

my hair looks messy and dry, i try their volumizing hair and their instant glossing cream. because their instant glossing cream will make my hair really smooth and shiny without oily! 
 I buy their instant glossing cream and always use it after styling my hair to avoid my hair looks dry and coarse
after using volumizing mist and before use Instant Glossing Cream
after using instant glossing cream
OMG! their volumizing mist really make my hair get more volume effects. 
I really like Oscar Blandi's product. they have great products!

do you wanna try? come to their boutique
you may visit at Plaza senayan and Kota kasablanka mall

Thank you Oscar Blandi Indonesia for your awesome products. 
Really works and thumbs up for u

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