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Monday 10 March 2014



Hello everybody ^^
as i promised in my post before, that I want to challenge my self and OPTILASH Serum to prove: is that true an optilash serum can grow my eyelashes or just only a fake promotion?
I will put all details such as photo, my testimonial experience and 100% honest review about OPTILASH SERUM.

are you ready to see ? let's get we started

I ever made a quick post before , when I get the package from Glamglow indonesia. Now I wanna give you a review after more than 28days I used it. 

OMG! I realize now that i have a short eyelashes , maybe VERY SHORT for eyelash. It because my mom told to me that she ever cut my eyelash when I was baby. She believed when we are baby and your mother cut your eyelash. Your eyelash will more grow and longer than before. 

She told to me ,that it was true for 1st time ,  my eyelash became longer than before. 
She wasn't satisfied and want to make my eyelash more long, so she cut  my eyelash for 2nd time, and my eyelash was grow and long than 1st time she cut. finallyShe took the "wrong action" to cut my eyelash 3rd time T_T
you know what?? It never grew again to long T_T serious!! I hate my mom if I remember that. 

She always laughed when tell this story, and I was dis-tempered when i heard her story.
If you see my video on here, maybe you know that I was so excited to get eyelash serum. 

And here is the result after using 7 days. okay it not makes my eyelash more volume like their brochures promise. but i quite happy when see my eyelash quite longer than before
I look the different when I curl my eyelash, my eyelash more nice after I curl. 

So, I would like to thank you with Glamglow Indonesia for your OPTILASH serum. It is so amazing. I am so in love with anything of Beauty box Indonesia sell. They sell unique and good products. So you can get it on  here: https://www.facebook.com/beautyboxind 

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this review will help you to find the good eyelash serum to make your eyelash longer. 

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