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Saturday 5 April 2014


Sebium Pore Refiner

taram..tarammm... hi ladies...
Thank u for coming back to my blog, Today I wanna share with you the great moisturizer for oily skin.
eits..eits,.. don't judge me as an advertiser please. Misskattie has been selective to accept any event and review. If I like it, I will share on my blog.  
I don't want  look like commercial bloggers, who are always said "good" for any products that company gave to me. 
do you have oil on cheek and T-zone? and your moisturizer CAN'T hold your oil.
if yes, click read more, because i have something good for you!

do you know what is the effect of oily skin? some people said that oil can prevent wrinkle on your face . is that true? I think yes! because most of the people who have dry skin , they will be easy to get a wrinkle than oily skin.
But the negative effects of oily skin itself is acne. 
I don't wanna talk about theory a lot. Because you will be crazy read many theories that company was given to me. 

The most important thing is - you just know that these are great products because they work on oily skin. 

oke. So let's get we started with a review product,
I get a beautiful goody bag from Bioderma.

they gave me: sebium cleanser, pore refiner (moisturizer) and Flash disk 

in this post, I am gonna review their moisturizer first. why? because they have amazing moisturizer for holding oil on my skin.

So I will make a simple test how they can absorb oil on my skin .
For making this test,  you're gonna need:

1. extra virgin olive oil 
2. Bioderma sebium pore refiner
3. cotton bud

so let's get we started!
first thing first, take some olive oil with your cotton bud.

And then apply the olive oil on your back hand. 

we assumed olive oil as oil on our skin. and then, take Bioderma Sebium pore refiner onto your skin

blend it and see what happens after it.

see how the bioderma sebium pore refiner absorbs the oil in my skin :) , my right hand now looks completely matte, seems like my bare skin on the left hand :)! Happy!

I really recommend Bioderma Pore refiner as your makeup bases and moisturizer before makeup.
It can absorb the oil and will give you matte finish. 

oh ya I make a demo about sebium pore refiner on my video ^_^ 
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