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Saturday 19 April 2014

Miracle Clinic Review

hi guys... last month, I was invited by Miracle clinic to attend their event at their Clinic - Kelapa gading.

I was comfortable when attend their events. as you can see, they have very clean  and  nice design for waiting rooms.
I really appreciate for every aesthetic clinic that has room clean, tidy and fresh.

they introduce to me their MD Laser, By MD Laser you can solve skin problems such as: 
  • Skin pigmentation , such as : freckle
  • Mole (nevus) 
  • Birthmark 
  • Skin Rejuvenation
and now. let we see the process of MD Laser itself.
  • For the first, the skin is cleansed using Cleanser and sponge (sponge used is the disposable sponge ) 
  • next. They applied anesthetic cream for 30-45 minutes. 
  • before they started to process, the doctor and patient's eye will be closed with the special glasses.
  • and then, they started to focus on the target that has been determined. (oh ya Miracle clinic has a policy that only their doctor was given permit to do laser for the patient , it means both nurses and others are not allowed to do a laser to the patient's face. 
  • next, they started to apply a whitening mask to reduce the redness.
You should be using sun protection and avoid exposing your skin directly to sunlight for a week..
maybe u can use sun protection to protect your skin (if needed). 

One thing that makes Miracle's clinic look different with other aesthetic clinics, they have disposable systems  for their equipment, such as : sponge,mats. 

about sterilization:
every tool was sterilized by autoclave that adapted to international standards.
the sterilization is important to avoid patient from infectious diseases through blood, such as HIV.

So you will be 100% comfortable and feeling safe when do facial in Miracle.
so what are u waiting for? 
try their service and you may love it! 

I am miracle clinic's patient since 2011, because I have blackheads and sometimes I need to exfoliate my skin and blackheads from my pores, so I was googling refrence for any aesthetic clinic in Jakarta.

I never tolerant any painful effects during take the blackheads, so I read more positive reference from any review about miracle.  

My favorite treatment in Miracle clinic is : Miracle Ozon Theraphy.

are u want to try this service, you may reach them at:

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see u next post :) bye!

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