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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tom Yam Kung Adventurefood

Hi do you like adventurFood??
if you are going to Indonesia, esspecially Jakarta. Don't Forget to visit ITC Mangga Dua, West Jakarta.
There are a lot of delicious and so yummy foods.
i have one recommended culinary place, that is my fav one in Mangga dua :)
it was on 2nd Floor and you need to be patient becoz the waiters aren't polite and u should have to queue because they alywas busy on weekdays and weekends. you never be allowed bring food from outside.if you did that,  you will see waiters with a cynical eye looking at you, and they do not hesitate to remind you with shrink sharply.

oke forget it!! i come for eating not for fighting.
they have many menus based on tom yam recipe, which are:
Tom yam seafood
Tom yam Kung
Tom yam fried rice and many moore.

i ordered Tom yam Kung (shrimp, squid only) IDR 36,000.- and with a plate of rice.
tom yam flavor :sour, spicy slurppp :P
i love spicy food. they add some lime leaves...
you can see how red-orange tom yam soap at the picture  :D becoz i request very hot spicy!!.
different with  Tom yam at mall, most of them use instant seasoning, but in here, you will get damn fresh sour like lime, and spice from chilli and many Moore. wuhhh!!
Different with other tom yam that i ever tried, they have smooth steam shrimp.

Will you try it??
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