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Thursday 27 December 2012

Mega Last Lip Color Wet n Wild

Mega Last Lip Color By Wet N Wild

Mega Last Lip Color by Wet n Wild (Rp 79.000), This is 4 hours longwear lipstick with semi-matte effect.
not too matte as NYX Matte Lipstick, Texture is similiar with MAC Lipstick.
I used it for a day, and I found, The lipstick isn't easy to patch on clothes (if you don't press your lips on clothes).
Finally... Wet n wild already in INDONESIA ^_^

The shape of lipstick makes little hard in applying to the lips, to make the results neatly on the lips, I use lipbrush for creating stroke and coloring on my lips.


Red Velvet - Color is similiar with Revlon Colorburst in True Red (910D) and , a little Red than MAC Viva Glam in Cindy, and not really dark as NYX Round lipstick in Eros & NYX Black Label Lipstick in Cherry.


great lipstick, Pigmentation quite good, you can eat and drink, it isn't easy dissappear.
 --- Misskattie.com---

  • Where         : http://www.wetnwild.co.id/
  • How Much :  Rp 79.000,-
  • ANY CONS : only packaging make hard to apply, I need lip brush to help me.

anyway.. i realize use red colors is more difficult to me, because make all application neat sometime so hard to me.

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Event: Maybelline OMG SPEAK WITH MY EYES

hi everyone ╭(^▽^)╯
Misskattie was invited by Maybelline team to attend on their event. their namely : OMG! EYE SPEAK
I believe, all of you already know "maybelline", isn't it? (っ∩_∩)っ

Now! maybelline already launched their Indonesia Official website www.maybeline.co.id
you can see their latest news about Maybeline product, Promo, etc at their website.

if you browse on their website, you can see their put official "tutorial videos"
on here : http://www.maybelline.co.id/template.Aspx?page=videosTutorials
so, you can easily see how to achieve makeup with maybeline product. easy right?

Comming soon! they will make e-commerce for their website, so you can easily shopping and the package will come front of your door.

in the event, Maybelline asks us to speak with eyes, they gave me Awesome box, here was the box I got:

they also gave me an awesome masquerade mask, purple with gold glitters

I play with more liner on my eyes :)

 turns out, the world is really small...
one of team in Maybelline, named angel , she was my sister class at primary school...wow! she said, she looks my face so familiar. so, we have some picture together.

she asked me to makeup her eyes. I was surprised and did not confident enough, but I eventually ventured out to meet her demands. apparentlys he likes my makeup.
Chit - Chat:
Misskattie enjoy on their event although the location quite far from my home and in busy hours + street.
I meet bloggers from IBB : Nisa, Carryna, Carnerlin, Emily, Yuri, Endy Feng, Stella Lee, Jesslyn.
they are nice bloggers. Stella lee ,is the one greetings me on that event, she is a famous bloggers but never overbearing. thumbs up for her. in fact, i ever seen a Blogger - she doens't famous like STella, but she was overbearing to talk to me, I don't know why in her mind. She never wilingly the smile or want to see me. as I had done wrong to her. So, Please Thumbs up For Stella and Others IBB \(^o^)/ .

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Sunday 23 December 2012

Update : Hasil Penggunaan treatment ZAP

hai semuanya,
sorry Misskattie belum update hasil penggunaan Treatment ZAP, mungkin sudah hampir 3 Minggu Misskattie dan Model berkunjung ke ZAP untuk menghilangkan bulu bulu yang tidak di-inginkan.
dan kebanyakan review yang ada, baru memberikan Review tentang perawatan si ZAP sendiri , dan tahapannya, yang ada pembaca hafal luar kepala setiap tahapan dari setiap blogger tulis, namun kali ini Misskattie mau membahas HASIL nya ^^

dan e-mang sih  maaf banget, misskattie tidak menyertakan dengan Foto, kenapa? karena si- Model belum sempat ketemuan dengam misskattie, begitupula dengan misskattie, maka kita chit-chat by FB.

baiklah simak ya percakapan singkat Misskattie dengan si-model.
tgl 8 December, misskattie sempat hubungin si-model apakah ada yg rontok tu bulu, seperti yang di infokan tahapan hilangnya si bulu, pada saat itu, model melakukan treatment tgl 30 November 2012, jadi kira kira 1minggu setelahnya misskattie tanya, dan hasilnya seperti picture dibawah ini.

oh ya sorry ya FB si model saya sensor soalnya, dia Malu kalo sampai ketauan ada masalah dengan bulu bulu, dan saya menghargai privacy dia ^^.
dan setelah itu misskattie befikir, okelah mungkin belum kali ya ^^ kita tunggu beberapa minggu lagi deh...

tgl 24 december 2012 atau  3minggu lebih dari treatment, Misskattie tanya lagi ke si model (habis reader sudah pada tanya beneran ga sih ngefek atau cuma biasa aja), karena misskattie penasaran juga...
ya sud, tanya lagi ke model.. beginilah percakapan kami
sorry ya nama belakang dia saya sensor lagi, nanti dia malu :D hehee kasian ^^
nah setelah itu kita telp-telpan untuk membahas treatment ke-2 neh. dan ternyata emang ngaruh, kata si model ketiak dia jadi memutih karena dia ga shaving lagi dan dia pakai irisan lemon (agak perih) cm usaha untuk cantik boleh donk. 
sudah gitu dia ga terlalu sering shaving karena kadang kadang bulu ga muncul lagi, kalo biasa 1minggu bisa shaving 4x, sekarang 1minggu 1x atau 2minggu 1x.

untuk kaki, dia sangat senang, bulu kaki model selalu di waxing 2minggu 1x karena keriting dan lebat, sekarang numbuhnya halus dan ga keriting, dia berencana 1x treatment mungkin cukup.

so, penasaran neh??? uda coba aja ^^ dan rasakan sendiri ya ^^ ingat kudu sabar, kaya si model, dia sempet sabar neh nunggu si bulu... 3minggu baru berasa. dan pastikan IPL atau clinic penghilang bulu kalian aman, jangan asal asal yang penting murah, semua Pasti bilang aman, lebih baik cari review dulu beneran aman ga? 

oh ya, misskattie pasti akan review n posting lagi setiap treatment di ZAP, so kalo penasaran, subscribe my site ya ^^ add misskattie di box sebelah klik "join the site" thanks.

Missakattie, merekomendasikan ZAP
Silakan bertanya tanya langsung ke:
ZAP Outlet Belleza (10am – 9pm)
Belleza Shopping Arcade, lantai 1 no.38
Jl.Letjen Soepono No.34 Arteri permata Hijau
Kebayoran Lama
(021)-33337330, (021)-94927927

ZAP Outlet Woltermonginsidi (9am – 9pm)
Jl. Woltermonginsidi No. 14 E
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan
ZAP Outlet Ciwalk Bandung (10am – 10pm)Ground Floor, Unit No. 28 & 29Jl. Cihampelas No. 160(022)-2061195 

 add Facebook & Twitter ZAP
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Chiken egg lemon recipe by misskattie :)

Hi friends..
thank you for opening my Recipe blog. its already long time, i dont make a culinary review or Recipe.
I am too focus with my main blogs, that is www.misskattie.com.
I already move in my Mother in law's house. so hard to do many activities...
but, it's oke... Today, I make a unique Recipe again. hahahaa... maybe the photo makes you shock.
the chicken looks dark brown. forgive me.. because I have not adapted to the stove's mother in law.

You can read it on there ---> http://designkattie.blogspot.com/2012/12/chiken-egg-lemon-recipe.html?m=0
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Friday 21 December 2012

Beauty box for indonesia people?

If you remember, i ever wrote about beauty box i want to subscribe.
Like ipsy, birchbox and glossy box on THIS POST.
Now, i hear that Indonesia has first beauty box to subscribe.
If you curious , you can visit to there
They named it Lola box. Hmmm what is the meaning of LOLA? I have negative opinion about "lola" means "loading lama or slow loading" but it just abbreviation, nor to joke to them...

If you are interesting with them, you can visit there
And sign-up.
Oke, i curious too like you.
In my post before, i confuse to choose beauty box to subscribe. So finally, i choose ipsy. Because i only pay $10/month. And i already survey, the items usually they send mostly full size and branded, like december ipsy glam bag. Subscriber got full size 24/7 glide on pencil from urban decay, primer urban decay, primer for face , lipgloss, etc mostly fullsize with cute pouch.
I think it was great deal to pay 10$/ month and free shipping, because value of thwt package around 30$ (plus minus).

And let we see, what lola box can offers to us? I hope they will not expensive for monthly fee, and more full-size product like ipsy bag.
I prefer get pouch than box. Because box, usually i destroy. And pouch will i keep for holding my makeup items.
Let we see , once lola launch i will compare with my first ipsy glam.
I never mind get miniature size , but i will not prefer if get sachet sample... Because of that, i choose ipsy than glossy box or birch box. Sometimes, i look glossybox and birchbox send a lot of sachet. Isn't it?
If lola has great service and items, i will move to lola :)
I hope my post will be useful idea for lola's team to know customer's taste.
Give support to lola.. Just sign up to their website.
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Confession of My holiday as tourist

Confession of my holiday as tourist, maybe that is the right title for describe what on my mind now.

Yes.. Xmas and new year only a few days again.
Some of you have planned to spend xmas n new year on vacation?

Thats will be happened for me (perhaps).
Once my husband choose singapore as our first honeymoon, i prefer choose Bali as our honeymoon destination, especially Ubud.

Believe it or not? i am indonesian people, but i never have a chance to go to Bali. I've ever heard that Bali was beautiful but danger.

Beautiful, because many beach and view like heaven. They call it heaven in Indonesia.

Danger, because terrorist choose Bali as a great target for bomb. If you remember tragedy Bali 1 and 2.

But, I think, if i want to go to Bali, i will choose Ubud as my destination than Kuta, becoz Kuta has a lot of "bule" and i avoid to mix with Bule..
You know lah, will be danger if near with bule..hahahhaa..

I am not kind of beach fans, i prefer looking green view, fresh air... Maybe ubud is right destination for me. Am I right? Pls give me a comment if you know , what are place is beautiful to visit.

I think, i should have to keep my dreams to come to bali for moment.. Becoz my husband decided to go to singapore.
We start from zero (0), we don't know what hotels we should book?
Don't suggest to me, to book in Geylang-singapore. Because that is red zone (red light district) in singapore. A lot of prostitution in there.

My family don't allow me to visit that zone. Maybe danger..and they too worried with "AIDS". I think Geylang isn't good to stay.

I remember, i have an invitation on october ago from restaurant in singapore. They was ask me to come and try their menu.
And another invitation again comes from singapore salon ( if i am not wrong read their explanation) they ask me to visit their salon and try their coloring service. (If i agree, i can make schedule with them)

But, i already reply and tell to them..that i don't have planning to go to singapore ,that moment.( because i want go to Bali, I don't know..i will go to Singapore).

I will be look like "blogger sell-out" if i mail them and say "hay... I have plan to go to singapore, and how about your offers? Can we make an appointment?" Hahahhaa

I don't have enough brave to mail them like that.
Unfortunately, my mom and dad didn't want join me to go to singapore, they don't want disturb me (that is their reason). My oldest sister already has plan to vacation in Bali. How lucky she is? She have a chance to visit to bali with her friends.
My youngest sister has planned to got to Hongkong for study tour..
Wait... She vacation? Or study? What ever deh..

So they have own schedule.

Back on my plan, my husband was busy with passport renewal, flight, and Hotel. I will use GPS on my iphone at singapore, because i am not familiar with their country.

I will use MRT to spend my trip at there.
Any tips before using MRT?

I hope, i will enjoy in singapore :) but, i prefer quiet place like bali than shopping paradise like singapore.

Someday, if we have a better chance .. we'd love to London.

Hope my dreams will come true..

Merry xmas for who are celebrating and NEW YEAR for everyone..
Enjoy your holiday....

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Saturday 15 December 2012

Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit Review & Tutorial

I was pretty devastated, with buying a half  million only for Lancome Miracle powder, but do not provide benefits in accordance with the price.

I think, chose cheap cosmetics is not always wrong. perhaps, you've heard the product "Wet n Wild" in the online shop - as a Best Seller eyeshadow at drugstore.com.

now, Wet n Wild Official present in Indonesia with affordable prices. You do not bother to wait long at PO online shop. however, for a lower price you can shopping at online shop, but you should be patient enough to get this stuff.

Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit
Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit (Rp 89.000) is a exclusive eyebrow kit that contains one eyebrow wax , two eyebrows colors.
Comes with brush and tweezers to help you shape and fill your brow. same with NYX eyebrow kit, it has wax for shaping your brow before and after filling brow. it is all housed in plastic case, what you need for your brows, already in here.

Different from Nyx, Wet n Wild comes with tweezers and mirror in their Packaging.

if you have eyebrows that are not tidy, you can tidy up your eyebrows with tweezers.
ssttt ... tweezers is very useful for misskattie, because misskattie use tweezers when setting up false eyelashes too. unfortunately, Nyx is not equipped with mirror and tweezers.

Wet n Wild is always seal any of their products, this is proof that the goods they sell are in new condition. rather difficult when open mirror, because it is covered by the product label on the back.

they sealed it

get tweezer and eyebrow brush.

wax seems like balm or wax for hair.
color's brow texture like eyeshadow matte, all colors in here are matte, no shimmering, no shiny, no glitters.
this is quite waterproof & long lasting, and easy to use. no need extra mirror again on your makeup bag.
swatches, i use brown colours for my brow

Misskattie said
overall, I am quite satisfied with this product, in addition the packaging is hand friendly. the eyebrow kit has mirror and tweezers. so practical for carry.
 --- Misskattie.com---

Wet n Wild Indonesia  | Facebook | Twitter

Rp 89.000

no! i didn't see any CONS for moment

shape your brow with tweezers, wax - and then fill the brow with eyebrow brush & palette.

depending on the amount of usage, normally 5 months

i hope u enjoy with my review, and don't forget to Follow my site with Join This site.
thanks for reading

Mini Galleries

Event: Lux a million sparkling moments

Lux Indonesia from Unilever company invites Beauty Blogger to attend their event for gathering,
they held the event at Kempinski Ballroom. Indra Herlambang as their Host at this moment.
event was enlivened by marcell (I hope, I wrote his name correctly). Marcell was sing two songs in this show, and not lose the excitement, this event presents beautiful ballet dancers tells Lux sparkling moment.
in this event, they annouce the winner of "cruise holiday" and all winners got a couple ticket for vacation ( i forgot the destination for vacation, if i didn't wrong ... they gave ticket to europe).
as their promised, they will put 1 swarovski for 1 sparkling moment they got, and they already got 1.7 million sparkling moments. so the lux giant bottle already covered by swarovski.

in this moment, misskattie won as best dress.
misskattie think, i will attend on Hotel Kempinski, but.. Kempinski ballroom they mean at Grand Indonesia.
so i decided wear headpiece (because i think it will held on Hotel not Mall).

what i got?
a empty bottle covered by preciosa's swarovski, a pendant and hair ornament.
in this event, i found many nicely beauty bloggers such as Nisa, Carnelin, Pygmalion, felly, Emily.
check her blogs out  :) they are kind bloggers and always smile with others.

thank u for reading my blog
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