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Saturday 11 August 2012

Marie France Bodyline

Source from Marie France Bodyline pic
Saturday, August 11,2012

I have an appointment with Marie France Bodyline. I made appointment to have treatment at Central Park Mall.
as you guys now, Marie France was a place to reduction over weight and non proportional body-shape.
all treatment they offers without fat surgery, drugs, and syringe. 100% from Herbal, calls Jamu and wrap treatment.
Are you curious now?? hehe.. let's read my experience.

Ecotools 5 pieces face brush set Review

I ever hear regarding Ecotools Brush from other bloggers and Online shops. I curious to try this one.
What do u think about Ecotools? Is it Look like cheap packaging ?
Firs of all, i though it has bad quality or too soft ,so blush powder can't apply well during makeup.
But, Don'T judge the book buy its cover..
I see...

It has mini pouch from eco-canvas cotton. They support go green.
The handle made from bamboo. You can see, its looks medium brush with handle.

For packaging,
All brush come with thick plastic, and have clip.
As you looks, it has canvas pouch , you can put all ecotools brush on it.
It is easy to bring for traveling. Isn't it?

It has smooth ,soft quality brush.
I love their face brush, volume hair. It will not make your face itchy, cause their have great quality hair for their brush.

The brushes are:
Mineral powder brush = for applying powder or mineral foundation
Concealer brush= for applying concealer.
Eye shading brush = this brush applies and blends powder eye shadows effortlessly.
Baby kabuki = buff powder over areas that need more coverage or use to apply bronzer.
Cosmetic bag is made from 55% hemp linen and 45% cotton.
Baby Kabuki Brush
Mineral Powder Brush
Concealer Brush
Eye Shading Brush
Cosmetic Bag

Ecotools face brush set helps me to easily bring makeup brush during i am going to event, vacation, etc.

Oh ya, the point plus of this : the brush isn't easy to fall during makeup and cleaning.

Length of Time Product Used Before Review: 3 months

Rating: 4,5 of 5

Lowest Price Found: www.thezaturashop.com

I already tried it for 3 months, i am pretty like it as my travel makeup brush, i have 2 sets for it. One i put on my makeup bag, and my bag. i always bring my makeup bag for traveling, i don't have more time to prepare my makeup when i am going to vacation.

Quality of brush very satisfy, i can blend my powder,blush, eyeshadow as well. I clean my brush twice a month, the brushes hair never easy to fall.
I loved baby kabuki brush, i apply my HD powder with it. Easy to blend and as my makeup finish brush.

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SOS Drawing your Eyebrow

if you find sos eyebrow, when you aren't bring your makeup tools complete. Here is another Tips to draw your eyebrow.

simple way to draw your eyebrow, sure you can use your eyebrow pencil.
Don't forget to bring your favourite eyebrow pencil, because it's more simple way as you can.
different with eye liner, eyebrow is more hard to bright the colours, they have swatch like sketch pencil.
see, it is really looks like sketch result, so you can sketch your eyebrow without worries to make your eyebrow thick like "shinchan"

Eyebrow powder/cake
it has balm inside to make eyebrow hair neat  to shape , the powder will stick with properly after you put the balm on your eyebrow.
Left: with balm - Right: without Balm
Balm can help you to make the colors darker, you can choose: you need more darker or not, on your eyebrows.

The condition : how if you forget bring your eyebrow tools?
Don't be panic.you can replace with another makeup's tool
i have some ideas that i have been using for a year.

you can use Black/grey/brown eyeshadows for making eyebrow colors.
just draw your eyebrow with eyebrow brush or eyeliner brush .
Optional: you can use your fav. eyeshadow base, to make colors last longer.

you can pick your mascara for replace eyebrow pencil.
draw your brow with mascara brush, draw with same direction with brow growth. it will looks more natural than using eye-shadow,but be careful with mascara, mascara has pigment volume blackest colors, you don't want your eyebrow looks more thicker than u expect.
Don't forget to brush your brow using eyebrow brush to make your brow look nice and neat.
(if you don't have eyebrow brush, you can replace with your little finger.

the last , EYELINER
i know it's look crazy way, but try it than nothing.
you need eyebrow brush, to helps you during drawing your brow.
don't take it too much, because eyeliner more pigmented than brow pencil.
you can blend it with eyebrow brush or your little finger. very simple.

so this is my tips for today, i hope it will be usefull for your SOS eyebrow.
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