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Friday 31 August 2012

Estee Lauder Lip Pallete Sneak Peak

Hi Guys!
i got Estee Lauder Lip Pallete and eyeshadow pallete couple days ago.
i thought it will be great idea for attaching them to Give-away prize.
so, i decided, it will be one of giveaway prize.

are u want to know more about this one? stay read!
ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Crystal Lipstick (US$25).
Now ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Crystal Lipstick has 13 variant color shade.
which are:
Ripe Papaya - medium rusty coral 
Twinkling Ruby - medium neutral red blue
Plum Fizz - deep warm red plum
Passion Fruit - medium to deep berry
Tiramitsu - medium muted neutral pink
Rose Envy - medium bright pink
Rose Petal - medium rosy pink
Crystal Pink - red medium pink flat
Crystal baby - light coral medium yellow flat
Berry Truffle - deep purple berry
Peach Frizz - soft pink peach 
Fig - deep warm red
Wild Rose - light hot pink

in this mini pallete, the shades are:

This color palette consists of 4 Estee Lauder's favorite color.
i have big one in Ripe Papaya, which is quite pigmented and long lasting around 4hours.


Estee Lauder , actually, this is the prize from purchasing i made.
Sure, Misskattie.com open 1st Giveaway on HERE!. you can get it FREE! make sure you Join my giveaaway 


thanks for reading my short review, dont forget to follow my blog by join this site

Thursday 30 August 2012

My First Giveaway has been launched

after thinking for a few days, finally I can arrange any prizes for the winners.
let's see!

Additional Prize (for a lucky follower based on misskattie research)

I choose it for u, you know, i love their Pastel Pink, they pearl and packaging. i presents it for u.
This is Pink Rose Shower Cream & Hand Cream From Garden Of Love,Bangkok , Value: around Rp 240,000,-

The Fifth Winner

missha Brush cleanser, Khiels facial cream, Face it nail care, Phyto shampoo, estee lauder pouch, Candydoll Lipgloss, Covergirl Mascara in Value around Rp 550,000

 The FOURTH winner

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, Clinique rinse makep remover, Clinique Toner, Dior Pouch, Face it nail polish care, Benefit Bathina & Benefit Lipbalm , in value around Rp 690,000

3rd Winner

SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, OPI  Nail polish , Lancome toner, Lancome lotion, TheBodyshop Lipbalm, SKII cellumtination deep surgue, Khiels MRC, Khiels Ultra Facial Lotion, Etude Dear my gloss, Benefit cotalista & Sun Beam, Thefaceshop nail care and also Clinique Pouch
Value Around Rp 720,000

 Note: i give u khiels and SKII skin care, you can share with ur beloved mom, friend, sister. don't mix it for u. i worry will make ur skin breakout, oke?
so, next...

2nd Winner

Lancome Pouch ( i love this pouch!!) , SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, estee Lauder Lift Extreme, Thefacehop naol polish, SKII FT Clear lotion, YVes Rocher body lotion, Estee lauder Eyeshadow (duo) Bare minerals set ( mascara, powder & lipgloss) and sure MAC Lipglass again. Value around Rp 780,000

and now it's time to see the 1st winner's Prize

Estee Lauder Pouch, White Rose Body Shower & hand cream, Miss Dior Perfume, Etude Dear My blooming Nail, SKII cleansing oil, SKII Facial Treatment Essence (Pitera) , SKII Facial cream cleanser, estee lauder Lip pallatte, NYX Lipgloss, and Sleek eyeshadow Pallate. Value around Rp 980,000

forgive me for being late to open this giveaway event,
as I mentioned in a previous blog, if I am always busy working from Monday-Friday. I just have time to blog on Saturday, however, for the sake of my dear readers and good, I defend for opening this giveaway today! Yeaaa ie Thursday 30 August 2012.

please read a little outpouring of my heart,
maybe you've seen a glimpse of the prize for this giveaway.
I walked to the mall and see something that smells "girly" and beautiful, I immediately bought it for you.

I am quite care with my readers. but I do not know if you care about me? or because the giveaway, guys flock to like me? : (

whatever your reason to follow me, it's your decision, right? because I also would memfolow someone, if I was interested in her blog, and giveawaynya. however, I was able to see the response of readers to support this giveaway, simply great. i am so thanks full for all of you guys.

Well, we just come to the show:

This event starts from 30th August - 7 September 2012 7 pm.
so, make sure you follow ya. time is very short. I do not like this show too long to open.

1. You "must" follow this blog. , Maybe connect via Goggle or twitter, please join this site click the button on the sidebar.
2. You "must" follow my twitter, --->: http://twitter.com/misskattiey
I like to see there are some followers who "follow" and suddenly "unfollow",and then "follow" again. hmm this will be a consideration, what do u think, heh?
3.You have to answer my question, (I think it's rather difficult and easy, huh?)


  1. tell me, what is the reason makes you follow Misskattie.com (My Blog)?
  2. have you ever experienced  with something mystical? if there, tell me.
    if no, skip this question, please answer:
    tell me, how wonderfull your life? just sharing :)

name: catherine
city  : jakarta
Country: indonesia
Twitter name: @misskattiey
e-mail : catherine@misskattie.com
Answer: i'd like to follow u because bla bla bla... and my mystic experience was bla bla  bla...

easy and simple right?
you just take a time to join this giveaway, it's free! This time, you get branded stuff for free.
oh yes, the giveaway is open for all countries (international readers).
so what ar u waiting for?
I would really like to read all the reasons you write, whatever the reason you about me, it is good or bad. however, and the reason I love reading your stories.
I don't use a random machine, this is not random! I own that determine who is eligible for this prize.

for additional prizes will be awarded to selected follower in secret, but he's pretty mean to me.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Mini update for my giveaway

Hii guys
Plss again forgive me...
I know. U will think that i already open my giveaway section.
I just wait my special kit come and then, i can open giveaway to u guys
My prediction around friday, all items will be on my hand.
Just mini update, i want share some products i take .
Estee lauder eyeshadow

E lauder lip palette

Beauty wash and cream

Seriously, i headache to decided which one perfect for 1st winner, 2nd winner and etc...
You have chance to win how?
Just keep contact with me. Make sure u should follow my twitter on
And follow my blog , you can follow via google account or twitter . Just click join this site, and choose twitter .
Oke i will tell u details by this weekend.
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Monday 27 August 2012

Countdown before i announce my 1st giveaway

Hi everyone,
If u stopped and look this blog, this is your day babe.
You should join this giveaway, why not?
Just spend 5minutes for join and finish! Free!
So i will tell u how?
Make sure you follow my blog by join this site and follow my twitter http://twitter.com/misskattiey

I celebrate it for my new twitter account. I created this. But dont have a friend.lol! So, pls follow my twitter yoo...
Most of gift i prepare are skii. I am skii lover, if u read my previous blog..

Because i have mini gift for u guys.

Oke what u see? It is only partial of present i prepare for u guys, i have another too, but i will bought it at mall on sunday :) so what the next i will bought? Gift set from usa brand ;) and sure special kit..
Most of my present, i bought in USA BRAND.?why? Because i think usa brand works for me. I dont know how bout u.
So, again...pls wait my official announcement from me. Make sure follow my site and my twitter
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝

Pengalaman ikutan Giveaway pertama kali

hari ini, saya mengunjungi IBB, iseng iseng baca postingan ada ID rimalmaputri ngadain Giveaway :)

saya orang tipical agak gaptek neh, kl ada yg ngajak join giveaway mereka, tapi pakai mesin randomlah atau apalah yg berbau teknologi, langsung saya pass aja deh, kenapa?
ribetttt... ga ngertiii bener deh. (kasaian ya saya T_T) pengen ikut cuma rebet liat stepnya banyak banget.

apalagi pas saya lihat, permintaan si penyelenggara banyak banget, minta follow ini itu (msh okelah) minta pasang banner, link,post ke fb,twitt, sampe 10 langkah. wah langsung ga jd ikut deh T_T 

kebetulan ini adalah giveaway pertama, aku ikutin dr sekian lama aku ikut IBB dan blogging ria.
nih dia sang pemilik blognya Ms. Rimalma.

kalo kalian mau join silakan lihat disini http://www.rimalmaputri.blogspot.com/2012/08/first-giveaway.html

kenapa saya ikutan giveaway blog ini...
saya ga munafik ya, saya pertama kalo ikut giveaway lihat yang namanya "hadiahnya".
apakah hadiahnya menarik? atau bakal menuhin bobot berat kamar & rumah saya? kalo menarik capcus lanjut

yg kedua, saya suka "caranya rimalma bikin giveaway" ga ribet, pakai mesin random, dia masih pakai cara manual hihii..
dan step-step untuk mendapatkannya, ga ribet. langkahnya ga berbelit belit dan terkesan "rido" kasih ke pembaca LOL!

jadilah saya ikutan giveaway dia hehehe...
apa yg membuat saya suka sama blog ini, first of all, saya emang blm kenal blog ini, terus terang saya baru "tau" krn dia mengadakan giveaway. jadi secara singkat, saya suka cara dia, ga ribet dan rapi, oh ya bahasa yg digunakan dia masih bahasa yg dimengerti, ga kaya saya kalo bikin blog, entah grammar, entah sentences, ngaduk aja terus LOL! habis gimana ya, pembaca saya da yg bukan non indo, kl pakai bahasa indo, ga ngerti donk.

hadiah giveawaynya kurang banyak (ditendang sama rimalna) maaff ya (sujud-sujud), mungkin fotonya kurang clear dan tajam ya :(.
oh ya mengenai kekurangan, ini relatif ya, cos ini kan blog dia, diary dia, ya segala apa yg mau ditulis dia ya hak hak dia, dan sebenarnya tidak sopan kalau saya mengkritik dia hahaha... cm karena yg "empunya/pemilik acara" minta, saya comment deh :) semoga kedepannya kualitas gambar lbh clear ya.

oh ya kalau boleh sis rimalma, aku mau mac, sama UD eyelinernya hikss boleh ga? LOL!!!
demi ikut giveaway ini (niat bangettt) aku bikin twitter loh @misskattiey di add ya teman teman, ini baru bikin, blm ada teman, nt saya follow back deh.
berasa kaya di hutan sendiri ga ada temennya :(hikss

sekian dulu ya review blog dia. semoga berkenan di hati sang penyelenggara :)
thanks for reading
dont forget follow my blog ya ^^ nanti bakal ada kejutan untuk follower loh :)
misskattie kl bikin suprise ga main main, hahahaa 

note: semua yg ditulis misskattie.com murni 100% hasil ide, cara pikir dan murni buatan misskattie.com mohon tidak mencotek ya :)


Sunday 26 August 2012

I got nightmare everyday. I dream a mystic. Anyone can help?

Hi guys,
In this post, i will not review anything...
I just need your help, idea, suggestion or maybe solution to solve my old problem.

Sorry, i wrote in english, because, i hope some of u in other country can read and understand what i am feeling right now.
Oke, let me tell u,what the problem is.

Since i was in junior high school, i feel different with other teenager.
I feel, i can looks something will happened in the future radius, like prediction for 2weeks u 'ntil 1 month.
The first sight i got was, my sister will get a little accident on that day in de morning. I thought that i already crazy, so i didn't told to my sister, mom, etc, i juts keep on my crazy damn mind.

Once, i wake up in the morning, the vision very clear. I thought that i did an stupid imagination or dreaming.until my old sister went to school, around 15minutes she left, i dropped my food on the floor immediately, and i told to my mom " she will back, she gets a crash". My eyes just look at straight ahead at the door. Like i guess, she came with bleed feet.
they said, it just it just a coincidence Or family feelings.
Oke.. I thought that right.

And then, i can answer my test on junior high school well, only multiple-choice, i look the answer on every single question on the test, i only can use my vision 1 time for test, after that, i can't , i didn't know why. Just like, my vision has been locked for prediction at test, Lol!
And again, i didn't tell it to my mom, sister. Because, no one will believe me, they thought that i was too obsessed to be paranormal, lol.

Until my private physics tutor looked my vision.
He understood what i seen before, maybe first time, he thought that, it is the method to make me understood and want learn physics, so he pretend to believe me. He gave me multiple choice, only 5 seconds i can answer all with correct answer, and he did test,and test again (sure, with multiple choice).
And he told to mom, regarding my prediction, and my mom told to him, to don't hear my obsess too much.

Oke, no problem she didn't believe me. I can see what will be happened for others but i can't see what will happened for me.
I remember, i've ever fall down on junior school stair 3 times in same place, same step on stair every year. ( i fall down on study time, no one in stair at the time, only me). My religion teacher came and help me, she asked me to rest at UKS /first aid room. She told me to be carefully when pass that stair, maybe "something"made me fall , but i cant see. Because, it is impossible i repeat same stupid fall down every year at same place, right?

Before i got my first vision, i never have problem with "mystic zone". After i graduate high school, i can't see any prediction again. I never got vision again.
Honestly, it made me very comfortable and enjoy with my life, i can comeback as ordinary girl like others, without bother with my vision.

1year later....
I can't sleep at the day, and get nightmare at the night.
What i dreamed?
i was dreaming that someone (man) came and hold me to strong, so i can't breath, he didn't let me go, i try run, but he found me and hold my hand. I realize that it is a danger. And it is a dream. I should wake up. But i can't . How?
I pray and speak loud to call "God" to help me on my dream. After, i pray, he gone... I can wake up.

Every i sleep at the day, i always dreamed like that. If i hold "Rosario" (Catholic necklace) he didn't come. So, i realize, maybe a devil came to my dream.

In this year, i decided to have a religion to safe me. I choose Catholic.
But, it haven't been helping me since i became a catholic.
I thought, i don't have strong faith.

Again, i feel it was over annoying for me. I dream like that again, and that dream, i heard his whisper, that he will back again and again.
I pray, he only laugh. I dream my soul run and flay on the air. And try coming back and i found my sister in her room draw her sketch, my mom was cooking, and OMG my body, she sleep. I tried to sleep on my body, but something hold me, i can't.

Seriously, i hopeless, i thought that i will be died. I pray and cry on my room, until my mom came, she got angry , she wake me with speak loud.
She was angry with me, because i sleep too over, and lazy. Once she shouted my name with poke, i wake up, and i am very thankful to her.
I told what i dreamed. I see my mom cooked. I saw what she cooked, and correct. So she believe me. She asked me to don't sleep at the day.

Because of that i hate sleep at de day, i worried i can't wake up again.
My lil sister tell me , she googling for me. Some people if can't wake up when she was sleeping and ever feel fly on the air. She has vision and different with other.
But, some article in google said, that if feel like that means to tried. So our body don't want to wake up.

So, have u ever have experience like me? If yes, how to solve?
Please give me an idea.
I feel this night, if i dream like that, i shouldn't run, i should face him, against him, or i will forever have a fear.

If you think, that i am crazy, lying, or best author mystic novel. Thanks for reading, u don't need to comment below.
If u have same experience, and know how to solve it, pls give an alternative.
anyway, i am not make a senstaion to increase my page's viewer, this is my blog, my story, i would like tell u what i am feeling right now.
Good bless us

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Saturday 25 August 2012


Hi everyone, 
saturday always be happy day for me, like i told u on my long post before, that i can do anything on saturday, because saturday is my free time :)
i only have Time for blogging only on saturday.

oh ya, did u know that i wear mask during i am typing a blog now? yeah! lol! while i am waiting mask drying, i do a review for u guys. ( i don't like waste my time without doing anything). 
oh ya, i did a  treatment for facial a couple days ago,at a facial treatment, actually, i can't Report to u anything, because i did a facial by my own money (not sponsor purpose) and i didn't bring a camera for it (becoz i think, what for i brought camera? will I look like crazy reporter? ) but, something make me surprise, that their marketing/ Spokeperson contact me to Review / Filming / Photo their service) LOL!!what a great day,isn't it?nice coincidence. Anyway, I don't know what treatment i should try?because i already did facial.  I didn't typical shown to them, i am a blogger,so honestly, i think they didn't realize that i am their client. Because i am register with my childhood name :) not catherine.

oke back to topic, the point for today is, i already did a facial, my blackhead already gone, only pores. but i would like to treat my skin as i can. so i choose INNISFREE JEJU VOLCANIC PORE CLAY

let's begin with simple post!
wow! i realize,this is over exposure, isn;t it? sorry!! i change with below, how about this heh?
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a Jeju volcanic scoria clay mask to intensively adsorb sebum and purify pores. Jeju volcanic scoria is formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island. This pure and rare ingredient adsorbs impurities and sebum that are deeply embedded within skin pores. 
Jeju Volcanic is recommended when you:
  • Concerned about the pores.
  • Concerned about the blackheads.
  • Feel that makeup is getting cakey
  • feel your skin uneven and dull.
  • feel sebum is your skin problem.
comes with 100% Recycled Box that support GO GREEN1 and descrease CO2 on earth.
they use brown color from plastic as jar packaging with recycle as a label too.
 and silver cap :)
That's it for packaging!

Next for Texture and feeling touch
Texture was very smooth and cream-like with grey colour. the clay dried quickly, it was easily to wash, and made my skin smooth,clean,fresh.

How to use it?
first you apply it, feel like cream and then the cream quickly dried up become clay, so that is the mask reborn. (my laguage -___-").
after wash your face, apply it with mask brush and leave it for 15-30minutes, and then rinse with water (you can use warm water) and don't forget use ur fav. toner!
"Baa!!!" LOL! again i put small for my face, i feel bad if display my face with this.
as you can see on the picture, there are my blackhole (read Pore) LOL! 
avoid on eye's area ya...


now, it is my saturday mask :). i am quite love this mask, this is complementary of my facial.
 --- Misskattie.com---
Thezaturashop, use "misskattie" for get 6% discount only for their ready stock on http://thezaturashop.com

Rp 133,000,- for Size: 100ml 

i don't see any cons for de moment

see the post about "how to use"

depending on the amount of usage, normally around 8 months, if u use once a week

do u want get one like i have?? you can go their official Facebook 
don't forget Like their Page and their twitter @zaturashop 
because they have special discount start from 10% without minimum purchased. this offer will end on 5 september 2012.
and their are looking the new spokeperson for promoting and accept monthly package from them. how? you can contact them. 
Good luck!

i hope u enjoy with my review, and don't forget to Follow my site with Join This site.
thanks for reading
---- xoxo---


Are you MUFE LOVER? why not to see this review!

i don't need tell a lot about Make Up Forever. if you are an makeup artist, makeup junkie, and beauty blogger. you will triple familiar with this brand.

The Point of the review today is : what is make this lipgloss different which other?
if i buy a lipgloss, i will choose  long lasting lipgloss, pigmented and  moist my lips.

some of brand produce attracted color gloss on packaging itself, but once i applied. only pale colors visible on my lips. make me dissapointed.

Friday 24 August 2012

How to use cleansing oil with properly

There are still many women who still confuse how to use cleansing oil properly, if you think you are,check this review babe!

If you have bold eyeliner, strong pigmented eyeshadow and full foundation on your makeup. You can use cleansing oil for deep cleansing.

Why cleansing oil?

All waterproof makeup was created for proof with water and long lasting, only remover has oil concentrate can penetrate waterproof makeup.

I have oily skin, can i use it?

Yes, you can. Nowadays, there are a lot of Brand cosmetic which create cleansing oil and categorize them into most woman's skin type. You can contact your brand advisor to know more.

Can i do DIY cleansing oil remover?

Sure, u can. How?

Mascara ,eyeshadow remover
You need:
10 mlVirgin olive oil
5ml Squeeze of cucumber
30ml Water

Mix them together,Put on beauty bottle, you can keep it on your refrigerator.

virgin olive oil was formulated for cleaning waterproof makeup, cucumber help you to against dry in eyes area.

Makeup remover (FACE)

You need:
Virgin olive oil
Cotton pad
Bubble foam (any brand)
I know it was look crazy, but it looks more works than other.

Put extra virgin olive oil on your face ,blend it all, until oil take out your makeup. grab a cotton pad, and clean all oil on your face, rinse it will bubble foam and warm water, done!

note: if you don't like EVOO, you can replace with pure baby oil.

If you don't have More time, to make  DIY remover, you can use Shu Uemura Cleansing oil, my choice in green color, skin purifier.

What is it?

Cleansing oil from japan, can take out all makeup from your face even make your face dry and oily after that.

How to use it?

Simple. Make sure your face and palm aren't wet.
Pump it on 3times or pump it as needed, blend it on your face , massage your face for 10seconds, after foundation, lid, eyeliner,until lips take out. Just give a little splash on your face, and again massage it until appear the foam. After that, rinse it with water,done!
Totally, u get very clean face without makeup again. For under eye, you still need mascara remover to reach it.

Why Shu Uemura?

Shu uemura has many variant for cleansing oil. So it will specific to help cleansing skin problem based on your skin type. 


Shu uemura cleansing oil can help lift your makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow even though. I do not feel my skin oily after using this . after washing my face, my skin moist. the part that I liked , when using the cleansing oil is pushing blackhead in the nose. more efficient than use DIY remover. --- Misskattie.com---
you can get it in on  SOGO Departement Store 

Rp 400,000,- for 150 ml & Rp 940,000,- for 450ml

hard to produce a foam , but it's really great for take all blackheads and makeup.

See How To use it section

depending on the size you buy &  amount of usage,
150 ml around 3 months
450 ml around 6-7 months

i hope u enjoy with my review, and don't forget to Follow my site with Join This site.
thanks for reading

Mini Galleries:
will be expired after 6 months opening the seal.



Tuesday 21 August 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick Review

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick

YSL lipstick is one of my favorites, which I use when prewedding photo.
Maybe if you pass YSL stand, you see these lipsticks displayed with various colors. however, do you hesitate to come and try it out?
if you want to know the lipstick this further, lets come and read this blog.

Monday 20 August 2012

Skin 79: Hot Pink & Gold BB cream Review & Swatch

are u find Review & Swatches for Skin 79 BB cream? if yes, you come to right blog.
so, today i am gonna show u skin79 BB cream, which is the hottest BB cream in Indonesia, because they price, result,cover, until they have Fake Bbcream too.
so curious? stay read!
SKIN79 Super Beblesh balm BB Cream in Hot pink.
as u can see at de picture,that the brand has been fade out. its because, i tried it for 1month and test packaging as usually to prove, that i got was authentic.
Original Sticker ( i have the old one)

Skin79 BB cream in Hot Pink has Triple Functions:
  • Whitening
  • UV Protection in SPF25,PA++
  • Wrinkle Free
What is make it different?
Skin79 BB cream has main ingredients: sunflower ( to keep your skin healty with vitamin E & prevent wrinkle); Rice Bran;ivy. Lightens redness/blemishes and quite cover blemish well, but not too much cover for Dark sport. it has oil control around 4-5hours (depend on our skin).
BB cream hot pink has a little pink tone.
SKIN79 Super Beblesh balm BB Cream in GOLD. 
different with their sister (hot pink), some of people said, it suitable for age: 35+
same with hot pink, it has triple functions.

What is make it different?
it has best oil control, around up to 7hours,and has yellow tone, which suitable for me and great in cover redness/blemish and dark sport.
i can say, skin79 Hot pink for light skintone and Gold for medium skintone.
not only have UVA and UVB, Gold bb cream have caviar extract, which caviar can help in wrinkle improvement. ( i didn't see, they wrote contains sunflower like hot pink).

so here is misskattie's comparison:

TestHot PinkGold
Packagingsilver pumpgold pump
Coveracne scar cover only.can cover blemish and dark spot.
Oil controlup to 5 hoursup to 7 hours
Waterproof yesyes
Blend not really easyeasy 
Skin Type oilynormal - Dry skin (based on my experience)
Tone Pink & lightYellow & Medium
Ingredient Sun FlowerCaviar
Texture CreamyLiquid creamy (how can i describe?)
Wrinkle Wrinkle Free wrinkle improvement 

Swatch & Comparison:
my skintone NC25 or MUFE HD 117
Left: Hot Pink - Right: Gold
Left: Hot Pink - Right: Gold **without Flash** daylight only!
Left: Hot Pink - Right: Gold **with Flash**
Left: Hot Pink - Right: Gold **Blend Blend Blend**
as picture with Flash, you can see, Hot pink was too light for me and not too yellowish like bb cream gold. so i choose gold one for me, because it is the nearest shade for me.
BB cream Gold more liquid that Hot pink.

I love skin79 BB cream , because it was waterproof.

Misskattie Said:
i love Skin79 Gold Bb cream than Hot pink, just 1 reason, it because the shade match with my skin than use BB cream hot pink. -- Misskattie.com--

currently, you can get it in on Local Online shop 

Rp 120,000 - 250,000,- (depend on local online shop's price) for 40gr

see on table comparison

after cleans your face, use moisturiser/serum and then apply BB cream with Foundation brush.

depending on the amount of usage, normally 1-2 months.

i hope u enjoy with my review, and don't forget to Follow my site with Join This site.
thanks for reading

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