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Thursday 9 February 2012

Review sprei mojokoe

Hi Beauty Blogger ^^
misskattie wanna try something new on my own blog,which is using english hehehe
why? because misskattie was looked, they are a lot of international's reader who are reading my blog (based on statistic) and why not we share to another woman who are same hauls like us??to make a relation with another woman with another country, maybe they can share their personal experience in bedding and tips for us.
I hope u are understanding what i am talking about. because i am beginner try to speak english. LOL
pls enjoy my review.

this is the first time i buy @ mojokoe, i remember How can i found mojokoe, Once upon a time (fairytale's stoey lol) i am searching any design for making a website, and i found something cheers, unique design for website, that is mojokoe's website. i am so amazing with their website ,so colorful LOL, and make an impression like professional in bedding.

The copywriter of their website wrote with good grammar in English and easy to understand, They are using very nice and neat phrases. they have excellent knowledge in bedding such as : fabric for sheets, fabric for duvet, size of international sheets / quilt cover,etc

i decide to try 1 sheets + quilt cover + quilt.
My bed's size = 180x200x30 
i choose organic bamboo silk and they give me around Rp 1.4million ( plus minus) include
with beautiful colour like this picture. 

1 sheets set contains:

  • 100% bamboo fabric with 700 thread count
  • height 30cm
  • Quiltcover size 240x240
  • 2 pillows size 50x270
  • 2 bolsters size 37x100
and plus i add the quilt with specification: microgel size 240 x 240 , why i choose micro-gel? i already search on another department store and website that micro-gel has same quality and comfortable with goose.

oke here is the packages look like:

the packages came with canvas bag and plastic hard cover for packaging to protect our sheets / quilt cover.
here is my sheets set:

i choose blue mix light blue. because the colour suggest me calm and i hope i will get sweet dream when i used it. LOL.

and this is my quilt cover looks like:

when i open it they mixed the inner and outer's colour: the outer is baby blue and the inner blue, i think it will better if the inner baby blue and the outer blue plus my sheets was baby blue, isn't it?

i try to take pictures of what the fabric looks like

when i touch it, it's very soft and light, u will not worry use it with summer / winter day and with or without AC. 
Because of its organic nature can adapt on temperature of the room and our bodies.(that is the point plus of organic fabric)
like a silk, the fabric was glow and looks so ultra soft.
oh ya!! what makes mojokoe different with other bedding's online shop?
mojokoe is the one bedding online shop which gives priority of neatness and world-class suture like hi-end brand such as king koil /serta.

mojokoe has italian diamond corset suture:

Mojokoe has good packaging material, maybe Hi-end brand doesn't have it.
mojokoe has hard plastic and they print their logo plus description

Mojokoe claim that they are the FASHION BEDDING online store ^^ 

oh ya i wanna show u another fabrics from mojokoe, and i already try it, all of the fabric was different with department store, they have ultra high fabric.

I will display the image starting from the softest:(based on my touch)
organic bamboo

Silk Jacquard

Super Extra soft sateen

Soft sateen import

Extra soft sateen import

Japan satten import

My conclusion :
i am really enjoying shopping at mojokoe, Because they have great material & neatness in sewing, i will re-purchase again ^^
i am satisfied with mojokoe because the real fabric & colour  is beautiful than the picture ( and i expect )  
their catalogue:

the real fabric's colour & texture ( looks glow ,silky)

the weakness of mojokoe : they need 2 weeks for making sheets for us ^^.

NEXT REVIEW @misskattie : 
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pls leave the comment below, what do u want to share with misskattie.
pls dont laugh if you looked there are a lot of mistake in grammar ( i know! still learning)
i hope u guys enjoy it & happy bedding time ^^

if you have any question, pls feel free to contact me via email: catherine@misskattie.com

wanna have one like me? why not! pls go to www.mojokoe.com and say you are misskattie's Reader.

Have nice day!

TM: all pictures were take by misskattie for personal review @misskattie.blogspot.com ,Pls dont steal from my blog! you shld have contact me before you take it or u should have to put my address's blog as a source of the picture do u use.
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