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Monday 4 June 2012

Random question to me

I got some emails from reader who are asking me some questionS.

1. Do you owner of zatura or mojokoe?.
No, i dont! I just know them from my shopping experience..
I loved their service and merchandise, and sometimes they support me, so i put their logo as support for my material..

2. Does mojokoe paid you for review?.
No, they dont. They always give special treat for every single customer they have.i just get 1 extra quilt cover from them, and believe me their quality has same with high end sheets ever after you have. ( halah basa gw).

3. Does zatura paid you for review?.
No, they dont. They only support me for some items they think great for review. I just interest buy from them, because they have complete service for helping buy anything from USA,JAPAN,KOREA. With renegotiAtions. Ssstt... One of the owner of zatura has similiar name and nickname with me, she is yuni. But my name write as "yun ny" lol. My fullname catherine yunny I know my name sounds "pasaran" .

4. Can i send you something for review?.
Sure, you can, i will never ask setup fee for it. Give me 5 days to try and investigation of your product. I will write review based on my honest opponion..

5. How many readers everyday who looks your blog?.
Around 100-200viewers, it deppend on how they find me on google. But my site will more easy to find  in google loh. Some of them looks my blog comes from USA and indonesia..

6. How old are you? can u tell me your reader ages?
i am 20 years old, and some of my readers come from Female Dialy {my lovely forum} and some of them found me when they browse something, and google direct them to me.

If you want to chat with me, leave the comment on.

Promo/sponsor = Promo@misskattie.com

ETUDE Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit SPF30/PA++

i never use Korean brand before, especially BB cream [as i remember], i always put the western branded on my mind as the best makeup for long lasting!

i think, i will give chance to my self for BB cream shows to me How precious they are.
i bought 4 shades BB cream brand From ETUDE HOUSE.
which are :
Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit SPF 30/PA++ 

For Korean brand, i think they weren't expensive, because if you buy in Online shop . you will find range price start from Rp 130.000 until 200.000,- {based on my research from any online shop}
you will find around IDR 300something if you buy in ETUDE HOUSE {counter at mall}
for me, pay IDR 300.000up for buying "KOREAN BB CREAM" is not worth it than you buy 1
so i will recommence you to buy in online shop, sure nowadays, they are a lot of online shop and you can buy from them based on their reputation and testimonial about them.
my favourite online shop for Korean item:

Felice skinshop
zatura scg
chic princessa
{I hope, I write their name correctly}

Back to TOPIC!
here is my experience with Etude Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit SPF30/PA++
when i blend it:
From L to R: N02,W13,W24 & W15
N02 is the brightest color of all colors
it is suitable for American skin tone , we call "Bule"

w13 i found that is same like Light beige for Korean skin tone
w24 same like natural skin tone
w15  darkest colour from all shades

I look that n02 and w13 when i combine will create new shades for me and suitable for my face's tone

oh ya i am so amazing when i splash the bb cream with water,  the water didn't absorb into my skin, i I saw the water splashing on the surface of my skin. its prove BB cream waterproof. 

N02 has a subtle shimmer loh!
I loved to mixed n02 with w13 only for going to mall and ordinary day.
i hope my explanation will be usefull for giving which shade is perfect for your skin tone?

Which shade is perfect to you?

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