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Saturday 31 March 2012


            Like Saturday before, i sit on my comfortable sofa and try forget for a moment my work in the office. today i look in front of the mirror, that i have just a little fine line in my forehead. suddenly, realized that I had reached 25 yrs old. i need something to help me prevent my wrinkle (at least). every-woman in the world i believe will face this situation, and some of them would be worried HOW can they prevent the first line and wrinkle? I got BURT'S BEE RADIANCE NIGHT CREAM DE NUT from ZATURASHOP.COM
           once i got it, i try to open and smile what the smile looks like. i guess it's like cucumber (maybe).

 the texture was cream, like ordinary night cream. But, once u apply onto your face , It doesn't make skin oily in the morning, Perfect absorb.

                         Based on my experience ( already try 1month) , i found my Acne scars, first line in forehead were gone, but it doesn't work for dark spot. I recommended for you have problem with acne scars and wrinkle like me.




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