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Saturday 31 March 2012


            Like Saturday before, i sit on my comfortable sofa and try forget for a moment my work in the office. today i look in front of the mirror, that i have just a little fine line in my forehead. suddenly, realized that I had reached 25 yrs old. i need something to help me prevent my wrinkle (at least). every-woman in the world i believe will face this situation, and some of them would be worried HOW can they prevent the first line and wrinkle? I got BURT'S BEE RADIANCE NIGHT CREAM DE NUT from ZATURASHOP.COM
           once i got it, i try to open and smile what the smile looks like. i guess it's like cucumber (maybe).

 the texture was cream, like ordinary night cream. But, once u apply onto your face , It doesn't make skin oily in the morning, Perfect absorb.

                         Based on my experience ( already try 1month) , i found my Acne scars, first line in forehead were gone, but it doesn't work for dark spot. I recommended for you have problem with acne scars and wrinkle like me.





Anonymous said...

berapa ini harganya sis?

Unknown said...

Hi, saya lupa..
Coba aja hubungi penjualnya di zaturashop.com
Atau fb mereka zaturashop

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