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Monday 11 March 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia ( Beautybox for indonesia)

Have you ever subscribe Beauty Box for your self? if you are in Indonesia, maybe you already know that Indonesia hasn't yet Beauty box to subscribe. Today Beauty Treats offers to us their service to help us collect to pick and decide what the "hot & best " for us.

Do you know Beauty Box yet ?
if you don't know what is the Beautybox. oke, I will explain...
nowadays. In USA and half of the world has Beauty box to subscribe.
they subscribe beauty box to know what is the best product for their self. they pay 10-20$/month and get monthly beauty box contains trial kit / sachet for try before you buy fullsize one.

What benefits we get from subscribe their Beautybox?
c'mon you just spend 10-20US$ and you get a lot of luxurious and gorgeous sample  / trial kit. so, you never wrong to decide to buy the full size. you can test and love what you get.

now, we have Beauty box no.1 in Indonesia, that is BEAUTYTREATS  
Beauty Treats is The one of Beautybox in Indonesia to provide the latest, trendiest and best luxurious, high-end and cult beauty products from around the world to your doorstep.

basically, they have simple concept where subscribers pay an affordable monthly fee, for which they will receive a beautiful, stylish and elegant box containing a mix of curated sample/ travel size beauty treats matching their beauty-profile and preferences.
if you aren located in Indonesia, now... we have Beauty Box in Indonesia which is Beauty Treats.
Only Rp 95.000,- you can subscribe their monthly beauty box and try their deluxe sample.

you Only pay Rp 95.000/month Include shipping fee.

How it works?
  • Subscribe for Rp 95.000/month (incl. Shipping fee to java island)
  • they will send your personal beauty box
  • you can try, test and review what do you think.
Be the first to have Their beauty box. they only limit 500 boxes for April 2013, they already picked exclusive trial kit/sample for you. only pay 95.000 you have chance to test your Beauty sample.

so , subscribe to their website on http://www.beautytreats.co.id/
you can contact them : 021-414-76854

Febuary 2013 - IPSY GLAM BAG

Hi there..
I am coming back with February Ipsy Glam bag 2013.
this is my second glam bag.. as you know, I already subscribe their Glam Bag on January 2013 with US$10/month.
I hope you enjoy to read my blog until the end, because I have Good News regarding Beauty box, so.. here we go...

this is what I got from Ipsy Glam. quite interesting for me. I got Full size for eyeliner. Great Deal fo me to pay US$10.
 Ipsy always always wrapped in a pretty pink metallic envelope, as the identity of  ipsy package.

PIXIE Flawless & poreless Primer.
I don't think this is needed for me. I already try it and not yet love it as well I don't have any reason to review it.  so, if you think it works on you. just comment below, I'd love to read that..
texture like BB cream , it has nude shade , I think they created it for all skin tones. easy to absorb, not sticky and make your T-zone oily. it is Oil Free. small size I got, 150ml /0.5 Fl.oz
if you curious you can check their website on www.pixibeauty.com

POP Beauty Mascara
I am so happy if I get Mascara or eyeliner. that's perfect for me. I never mind to have more than 10 mascara and eyeliner than Nail Polish. POP beauty make more volume on my lashes. waterproof? yeah..

MICA BEAUTY eyeliner (gel)
oh my gosh.. I think that is Bobbi Brown long wear liner LOL! but, once I read it clearly.. That is MICA eyeliner. yeah I got it in Fullsize one. wow.. Great deals :) Honestly,  I have not tried this eyeliner. I will test it soon as possible to know whether this is good / not.

Coastal Scent Quad Eyeshadow (sample)
wow.. I got Quad eyeshadow.I think it will great to make smoky silver eyes.
Shade From Top (L-R) : candlelight is pale silver with subtle glitter; Gunmetal is Dark black with subtle red blue glitter.
Bottom (L-R) : Incognito: Dark Grey semi matte; Ashen is silver mix gray with shimmer.

Lash Card
 OMG! I don't think it will be useful for me, even though they said it helps prevent mascara smudging and clumping. I don't have extra time to apply my mascara with this card. not efficient for me.

 I am not really interesting with Feb 2013 pouch, looks like cheaper pouch. like you can buy on "naughty / strawberry /warna ".

overall, for me Feb 2013 Ipsy glam bag quite good. I hope on march they will send me more useful products.

so thank you for reading my blog..
I will write to you soon again regarding my Feb 2013 products, if I already used it a month.

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