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Saturday 15 December 2012

Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit Review & Tutorial

I was pretty devastated, with buying a half  million only for Lancome Miracle powder, but do not provide benefits in accordance with the price.

I think, chose cheap cosmetics is not always wrong. perhaps, you've heard the product "Wet n Wild" in the online shop - as a Best Seller eyeshadow at drugstore.com.

now, Wet n Wild Official present in Indonesia with affordable prices. You do not bother to wait long at PO online shop. however, for a lower price you can shopping at online shop, but you should be patient enough to get this stuff.

Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit
Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit (Rp 89.000) is a exclusive eyebrow kit that contains one eyebrow wax , two eyebrows colors.
Comes with brush and tweezers to help you shape and fill your brow. same with NYX eyebrow kit, it has wax for shaping your brow before and after filling brow. it is all housed in plastic case, what you need for your brows, already in here.

Different from Nyx, Wet n Wild comes with tweezers and mirror in their Packaging.

if you have eyebrows that are not tidy, you can tidy up your eyebrows with tweezers.
ssttt ... tweezers is very useful for misskattie, because misskattie use tweezers when setting up false eyelashes too. unfortunately, Nyx is not equipped with mirror and tweezers.

Wet n Wild is always seal any of their products, this is proof that the goods they sell are in new condition. rather difficult when open mirror, because it is covered by the product label on the back.

they sealed it

get tweezer and eyebrow brush.

wax seems like balm or wax for hair.
color's brow texture like eyeshadow matte, all colors in here are matte, no shimmering, no shiny, no glitters.
this is quite waterproof & long lasting, and easy to use. no need extra mirror again on your makeup bag.
swatches, i use brown colours for my brow

Misskattie said
overall, I am quite satisfied with this product, in addition the packaging is hand friendly. the eyebrow kit has mirror and tweezers. so practical for carry.
 --- Misskattie.com---

Wet n Wild Indonesia  | Facebook | Twitter

Rp 89.000

no! i didn't see any CONS for moment

shape your brow with tweezers, wax - and then fill the brow with eyebrow brush & palette.

depending on the amount of usage, normally 5 months

i hope u enjoy with my review, and don't forget to Follow my site with Join This site.
thanks for reading

Mini Galleries

Event: Lux a million sparkling moments

Lux Indonesia from Unilever company invites Beauty Blogger to attend their event for gathering,
they held the event at Kempinski Ballroom. Indra Herlambang as their Host at this moment.
event was enlivened by marcell (I hope, I wrote his name correctly). Marcell was sing two songs in this show, and not lose the excitement, this event presents beautiful ballet dancers tells Lux sparkling moment.
in this event, they annouce the winner of "cruise holiday" and all winners got a couple ticket for vacation ( i forgot the destination for vacation, if i didn't wrong ... they gave ticket to europe).
as their promised, they will put 1 swarovski for 1 sparkling moment they got, and they already got 1.7 million sparkling moments. so the lux giant bottle already covered by swarovski.

in this moment, misskattie won as best dress.
misskattie think, i will attend on Hotel Kempinski, but.. Kempinski ballroom they mean at Grand Indonesia.
so i decided wear headpiece (because i think it will held on Hotel not Mall).

what i got?
a empty bottle covered by preciosa's swarovski, a pendant and hair ornament.
in this event, i found many nicely beauty bloggers such as Nisa, Carnelin, Pygmalion, felly, Emily.
check her blogs out  :) they are kind bloggers and always smile with others.

thank u for reading my blog
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