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Saturday 14 April 2012

OPI: Not So Bora Bora Ing Pink

Today i am going to Mall and i see OPI Nail Spa Center.
i found my favourite colour of the moth, that is OPI: Not So Bora Bora Ing Pink
before i decide to buy OPI: Not So Bora Bora Ing Pink, i am searching to another website and found how pretty it is :) , i mean the colour ^_^
here is the result of my googling
I love so much this color and  her nail :) so feminine and pretty she is. I have to admit that I am not good at mani-pedi :) i ask the Beauty Agent in Spa counter to help me wear it.
They have package Basic manicure and pedicure around Rp 142.000 , and they did to me :)

i love it so much , it so pretty mix with my skin tone, isn't it? i think it will be great idea for nail colour on my wedding day :)
oh ya ... after manicure i bought 1 for me :) and i enjoy with it

why i choose OPI than others? because OPI have many beautiful perfect colour for each moment, and the colour long lasting :) very beautiful ^^

I hope you enjoy with it

Etude Skin malgam Facial mask sheet Review

  Have u ever try facial mask sheets before? I am the one who loves indulge myself when every saturday, i don't know why maybe it's call tradition or ritual LOL :D.
I have the facial mask sheets before from muji, but i think Muji mask sheets expensive, once etude house launched it, i decide to have one.
something i like etude skin malgam fascial mask sheet than muji is etude have place to put the serum/toner/freshener. so you don't confuse or buy another jar /tube to place your Freshener.
1pack have 8 pcs plain mask sheets. you can mixed with your favorite freshener or toner.

i choose SK-II as the poison for my ritual this Saturday. SKII cellumation mask in lotion like as toner can nutrient and bright your skin and make your aura glow.

if you have another Freshener/Toner. you can choose your favorite one as your ritual =)

How to use it?

Put your favorite toner on container that has been available as shown above.

Put the facial mask tablet into container and the tablet will be expand into a ready-made mask. pls be careful once u open the mask, sometimes the toner will not directly absorb at all apart of the tablet. 

and the mask is ready to wear :)
You can use 1-2times a week , trust me! it's fun


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