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Friday 7 September 2012


Hi everyone...
i know you are waiting this moment, to know who is the luckiest winner ?
First of all , let me made a short speech for opening the announcement. *ehemm-ehemm*

oke, first of all, i would like say thank u for all people who are participating with this event and willingly spend your time to join my simple giveaway, without u all, i am nothing.
i likely to read your reasons, very unique. there are a lot of stories in there ,start from simple and honest reasons until scary stories. LOL!

i get a question from u,

why i ask "scary / mystical experience to u?"
just simple, i like watch, and hear mystic story! and that's why i use it as my simple question.

what is criteria to win this giveaway?
i don't use a criteria, i just read one by one of your reasons and experience. i will give the prize for who are people i think always appreciate the meaning of a life. 

Seriously, to decide wisely and fairly turned out very hard. it took a hours for sure who can touched my mind.

well, to shorten the time. let me announce who are the winner of my giveaway!

The Fifth Winner

5th winner

Pernah suatu hari, kita eskul sampe lewat magrib. Udah gelap. Trus temenku mau anterin aku pulang karna udah gelap. Tapi dia rabun ayam gitu, kalau gelap pandangannya kurang awas. dan kacamatanya ketinggalan di kolong meja dalam kelas. Ya udah akhirnya kita ke kelas untuk ambil kaca matanya.
Ternyata pintu kelas udah di tutup. tp karna dia nggak mungkin nyetir ga pake kaca mata, akhirnya mutusin buat masuk kelas lewat jendela. Dan ketika dia buka jendelanya, naik dan siap turun ke kelas.. Di bawah jendelanya ada muka setengah hancur yang tatap2an sama temenku itu. Trus muka setengah hancur itu lari.. 
English:  once a day, we have extracurricular until 6.00pm. my friend would like to accompany to go home, because lately. but he has short-sighted. He needs his glass which he put it under the table in classroom. once we try to get in, the door already lock, we decided to go in through the window. And when he opened the window,and ready to get down to the class .. Below the window was half-destroyed face the same time they looked each other, Then face half ruined it run ..

4th Winner

4th winner

About the mystical experience, I have one story. I believe that in every place has their own real 'owner' and so my room. Everytime lost my thing in my room I speak to my self (actually I speak to the 'owner') like 'Hi, did you see my wallet? I need it. Please don't joking on me. Or if you see it please help me to find it' and after that usually my lost thing can be found on the same day or on the next day. Sorry for the terrible English ^^v


3rd winner

Me and my sister follow your blog ever since we started our own blog. We learn so much from your blog literally. How to take pictures, or how to describe the items. We also follow your blog because you seem to be a fan of high end brands. Not many independent local bloggers who review high end brands. And we love that thing about you ^^
 2nd Winner

2nd winner

My life have been wonderful since I accept my self as who i am. I was always copy-ing someone else's habit or atittude just because I thought if I be like them, people would like me. But it was so hard for copying people, I don't feel like I have identity back then. But in college I found me when I brave my self to wear make up that makes me feel soo pretty and I have my confident to act like what I want, not to act like what I think people would like me. With that confidence, i found my boyfriend who give me a full support for me to being my self. And since then, I really feel happy and grateful for whatever i have. :)

Sangat-sangat bersyukur sma kehidupan yg uda Tuhan ksih ke aq. Punya banyak orang-orang yg sayang sama aq, dan ja menurut aq, aq dipelihara dengan sempurna sma Tuhan. Walopun kadang suka ad masalah yg menurut aq berat banget, tapi pda akhirnya aq bsa bersyukur sma msalah yg uda Tuhan kasih. Karena hasil akhinya itu bener-bener selalu indah dan diluar pikiran aq. Aq juga bersyukur masi bisa kuliah dg lancar dan juga punya keluarga yg bner" masih utuh dan sehat. Hmm~ itu aj deh.. kalo mw ceritain smua bner" bsa berlembar-lembar (lebay) xD
Anyway, thx for make a giveaway :D
Have a nice day to u!

Quote by: Cikey kim ( you are 2nd winner)

and finally, who is the Queen of 1st Giveaway?

1st winner

kalau hdup aku, bahagia bgt, meski gak sempurna. ayah bunda uda divorce, tapi alhamdulilah mungkin itu jalan2 Tuhan biar aku tetep survive, bersyukur, dan tetap dkat-Nya. Kuliahku alhamdulilah lancar, nilai juga memuaskan, financial alhamdulilah ada yg bntu, toh hdup aku juga tetap membahagiakan meski gak sepurna. hehe
English: My life is not perfect, mom and dad already divorce, alhamdulilah i still survive and remain grateful. on the financial, alhamduliah there are still a helper. I'm still happy though not perfect.

Quote by: Gita @hellalala

Additional Prize
There are three people that I choose on my list, because they follow faithfully misskattie, from 2-3 follower in misskattie , comment if misskattie did a post , and always support misskattie.
i should pick up the one as the winner.
my Favorite followers are:

  • Docci n sista
  • Xiao Vee
  • Shasha

But, i already eliminate Docci n sista as additional Prize, why? because "they" are already 3rd winner.
i am very thanksfull for xiao vee and shasha who are my lovely followers, friends.

It means to me, you always read my blog, you choose me , not because of the giveaway.
you follow me when i was just have 2-3 followers until "now".

but T_T the prize only 1, i should have choose one  of  them.
oke... so
 Additional Prize Goes to Shasha. sorry xiao vee, i hope u still be my friend and reader :)

My list for winner (1-5 here are my candidates :)
  • Docci n sista
  • Gita - surabaya
  • Cikey Kim
  • Ardriana Aditya
  • Wenny dewanti
  • Auliya
  • Cindy Hongo
  • Vani sagita
your name didn't on the list?!!  don't worry!
because i will open 2nd Giveaway!
serious? yes!
sponsored by a company. 
what is it?
sure, with a simple way
have a nice day!
congratulations to those who won, please send
DM to my twitter @ misskattiey 
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