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Monday 24 March 2014

Interview with healthandbeautyinsider.co.uk

Hi everyone,
Last January 2014, I was interviewed by healthandbeautyinsider.co.uk
they asked me about some question to inspire their reader about health and beauty.

you may read an article they write about me ^_^

Something that makes me tingle when look at this article, which is my photo. :D
they crop my photo and put my logo in there. 
I look the crop isn't looks natural :P but it' :P but it's oke. I appreciate them.

 I should answer their question in English.
honestly, I read at "answer" number 2. they write the wrong grammar :( for me.
they wrote,  "for detox your body and make your skin more glowing,I am use Green smooth juice for detox,
II think the correct one regarding their question number 2.: 
"detox. Detox can help your body health and make your skin more glowing. I drink a green smoothie juice for detox." 

I don't know why? They wrote a confused article to read :(
Do you confuse read their article? Or only me feel like that? 

I am pretty disappointed. They don't edit , read and  make sure this article before publish it or at least give me their draft before publish, because it will make me so stupid when their readers read my interview T_ T. 

most of my Indonesian readers ask me , why I am using english than bahasa to write my review?
Sometimes, I write in Bahasa, but 90% I am using English as my blog's language.
I want my article, review and my story can be read by everyone in the world. 

I hope you can understand my article  -__-" I am still learning. Sometimes, I back to my older post and read carefully about what I was written. I found some terrible grammar and make me laugh :D
I am learning by doing :) I hope you do so. 

anyway I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to follow my blog and add me as your Google+ friend connection
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