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Friday 15 February 2013

Review : Too Cool For School Egg Mouse Pack

Lately, I was diligent to mask my face.
moreover , my mask should have to make my skin soften,supple and tighten.
I am not too young anymore, and  suppleness and elasticity of my skin decreases.
so, I try to use Egg Mouse pack. if you know that yolk helps to soften and supple our skin and white egg helps to tighten our skin. 

when I am in Senior High school, I did it once a week, and the smell wasn't really good. but, after mask party, my skin was smooth because yolk, and then I rinse off and continue with white egg, white egg gives me tighten in 10minutes, I can't smile :)

now... i do not  want bother my self to make batter of egg face mask. so I choose Too cool for school Egg Mouse Pack.
it has pump, once u pump it , egg mouse pack produce mask like a foam...

this is practice to use, this combine of yolk and white eggs, I believe more yolk ingredients in here than white egg, because my skin tend to soft than tight.


tips from me, use Egg Mouse Pack when you feel tired or dull, it will feel different afterwards.
 --- Misskattie.com---


you can get it in on www.thezaturashop.com

Rp 125,000 for 100ml

easily deflated mask

shake the bottle, press pump and apply on your face, wait for 30minutes and rinse off with water.

depending on the amount of usage, if u use once a week, i think only for 3 month.

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thanks for reading
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SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C

hi everyone...
it's time to share again with my new member of my skincare list...
"ladies & gentlemen.. please welcome SKII- Facial Treatment Repair C"  *applause...*

I have a meeting with one of Brand manager for "US Cosmetic" (sorry can't namely the brand). She guess me"are you still in collage?" O_O  actually, I am not too young as you think mam. I'm married and 24+. Essentially, I do not know why she could tell me like this, but on my mind set! I always want to look younger and fresher, although my age is still running.

SK-II  Facial Treatment Repair C is a hydrating serum that “gently reduces the appearance of fine lines in just 2 weeks, improving skin texture so it becomes crystal clear”. With concentrated Pitera™ athis miracle serum helps maintain skin renewal to its normal 28-day cycle, leaving skin plumped with moisture and feeling velvety smooth. All you need is a quick pump of the serum and apply it after toning, followed by moisturizing.

I've been using SKII FTR C for 2 months, I have combination skin which is sometimes oily, sometimes dry.  the texture like a serum gel, not too gel , nor to silk like regulary serum.

it doesn't have fragrance. very comfortable to use. I use it as serum for my self to Replace cellumination Essence. For pricing issues, SKII has always been known as a cosmetic expensive but worth it as you pay for.

side effect.
please test in on your neck, before you decide to buy full size, you can ask Beauty agent to apply on your neck, wait for 1-2 hours,
if it does not appear the signs of allergy / no match with the product . You can buy the full size.

I am quite satisfied with the skii, because the results are always amazing. recently, I was busy to handle of my New Project for event , of course it take my attention for my skin
My face looks tired. however, I fear the lack of sleep can make fine lines on my face
SKII Facial Treatment Repair C helps me to prevent fine lines on my eyes, forehead, lips and neck area . 
I give 5 Thumbs up, my skin feels plumped

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