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Sunday 26 August 2012

I got nightmare everyday. I dream a mystic. Anyone can help?

Hi guys,
In this post, i will not review anything...
I just need your help, idea, suggestion or maybe solution to solve my old problem.

Sorry, i wrote in english, because, i hope some of u in other country can read and understand what i am feeling right now.
Oke, let me tell u,what the problem is.

Since i was in junior high school, i feel different with other teenager.
I feel, i can looks something will happened in the future radius, like prediction for 2weeks u 'ntil 1 month.
The first sight i got was, my sister will get a little accident on that day in de morning. I thought that i already crazy, so i didn't told to my sister, mom, etc, i juts keep on my crazy damn mind.

Once, i wake up in the morning, the vision very clear. I thought that i did an stupid imagination or dreaming.until my old sister went to school, around 15minutes she left, i dropped my food on the floor immediately, and i told to my mom " she will back, she gets a crash". My eyes just look at straight ahead at the door. Like i guess, she came with bleed feet.
they said, it just it just a coincidence Or family feelings.
Oke.. I thought that right.

And then, i can answer my test on junior high school well, only multiple-choice, i look the answer on every single question on the test, i only can use my vision 1 time for test, after that, i can't , i didn't know why. Just like, my vision has been locked for prediction at test, Lol!
And again, i didn't tell it to my mom, sister. Because, no one will believe me, they thought that i was too obsessed to be paranormal, lol.

Until my private physics tutor looked my vision.
He understood what i seen before, maybe first time, he thought that, it is the method to make me understood and want learn physics, so he pretend to believe me. He gave me multiple choice, only 5 seconds i can answer all with correct answer, and he did test,and test again (sure, with multiple choice).
And he told to mom, regarding my prediction, and my mom told to him, to don't hear my obsess too much.

Oke, no problem she didn't believe me. I can see what will be happened for others but i can't see what will happened for me.
I remember, i've ever fall down on junior school stair 3 times in same place, same step on stair every year. ( i fall down on study time, no one in stair at the time, only me). My religion teacher came and help me, she asked me to rest at UKS /first aid room. She told me to be carefully when pass that stair, maybe "something"made me fall , but i cant see. Because, it is impossible i repeat same stupid fall down every year at same place, right?

Before i got my first vision, i never have problem with "mystic zone". After i graduate high school, i can't see any prediction again. I never got vision again.
Honestly, it made me very comfortable and enjoy with my life, i can comeback as ordinary girl like others, without bother with my vision.

1year later....
I can't sleep at the day, and get nightmare at the night.
What i dreamed?
i was dreaming that someone (man) came and hold me to strong, so i can't breath, he didn't let me go, i try run, but he found me and hold my hand. I realize that it is a danger. And it is a dream. I should wake up. But i can't . How?
I pray and speak loud to call "God" to help me on my dream. After, i pray, he gone... I can wake up.

Every i sleep at the day, i always dreamed like that. If i hold "Rosario" (Catholic necklace) he didn't come. So, i realize, maybe a devil came to my dream.

In this year, i decided to have a religion to safe me. I choose Catholic.
But, it haven't been helping me since i became a catholic.
I thought, i don't have strong faith.

Again, i feel it was over annoying for me. I dream like that again, and that dream, i heard his whisper, that he will back again and again.
I pray, he only laugh. I dream my soul run and flay on the air. And try coming back and i found my sister in her room draw her sketch, my mom was cooking, and OMG my body, she sleep. I tried to sleep on my body, but something hold me, i can't.

Seriously, i hopeless, i thought that i will be died. I pray and cry on my room, until my mom came, she got angry , she wake me with speak loud.
She was angry with me, because i sleep too over, and lazy. Once she shouted my name with poke, i wake up, and i am very thankful to her.
I told what i dreamed. I see my mom cooked. I saw what she cooked, and correct. So she believe me. She asked me to don't sleep at the day.

Because of that i hate sleep at de day, i worried i can't wake up again.
My lil sister tell me , she googling for me. Some people if can't wake up when she was sleeping and ever feel fly on the air. She has vision and different with other.
But, some article in google said, that if feel like that means to tried. So our body don't want to wake up.

So, have u ever have experience like me? If yes, how to solve?
Please give me an idea.
I feel this night, if i dream like that, i shouldn't run, i should face him, against him, or i will forever have a fear.

If you think, that i am crazy, lying, or best author mystic novel. Thanks for reading, u don't need to comment below.
If u have same experience, and know how to solve it, pls give an alternative.
anyway, i am not make a senstaion to increase my page's viewer, this is my blog, my story, i would like tell u what i am feeling right now.
Good bless us

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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