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Friday 29 March 2013


Hi everybody...
Do you feel that lately our earth becomes extremely hot during the day?
I've often read that sunlight can make dark-sport on our skin, especially on our face.
I'm pretty lazy to do an activity during the day.
Not only make dark-spot. it made enlarged pores on my face.
April is going to be "hot" and I believe I need more extra protection for my skin, such as Sunblock and anything primer has SPF to replace Sunblock for my face.
For face,
I put my truth on Japan's Cosmetics and skin-care products, for body I have a little tolerant for it, maybe from Korean / USA products. Does it mean the local product isn't good? No, It doesn't.

most of the Local products &; USA products have paraben formula; Parabean is a formula to embalming bodies {for died people}.  Most of Sunscreen have comedogenic ingredients. It causes our skin so sticky , melt and make an acne pores.

Shu Uemura offered me to try their SHU UEMURA PORE ERASER SPF 35,PA +++
Of course, I said YES to Shu Uemura,
Because, I believe all skincare & cosmetics from Japan.
Japan has no.1 Reputation for skincare brand.   

I have UV base from Shu Uemura before it, with the same texture [mousse].
It works on me too. But Shu Uemura Pore Eraser SPF 35,PA++ has pores cover formula
, that can hide my pores and protects me from bad effects of sunlight.

 I ever thought, that use sun cream wasn't necessary for skin care ritual during the day.
but.  I was wrong, wearing sun cream is a must for women around age above 25.

What is it?
it is under base makeup; it has medium SPF, which is 35 with extra protection and anti UVA/B with PA+++. I used it as a primer before foundation. it is perfect for oily skin, because it has light texture [mousse], it not sticky & melt on your skin. So, That's why I said "recommend for oily skin". If you have sensitive skin, oily skin and oily in T-zone area, you should try it.
What is the function if it?
it can replace my daily makeup base & cover my pores in very light texture.

you can feel without use makeup base, very light! it has mousse texture.

Basically, it has 2 shades:
  • Beige : for medium skin
  • Pink   : for light skin.
I got mine in Beige Shade, which is match for medium skin tone.

why do pores becomes visible?
The Mousse texture control sebum which is a key to reducing pore visibility and  creating perfect skin after use it with a lasting finish.

I do small experiences with a Cracker & Lemon. 
why cracker? because cracker has absorption is almost the same as human skin.
and why lemon? lemon's texture has similar with human oily/pore skin texture.

 Left: Shu Uemura Pore eraser & Right : another skincare primer with SPF too.

Shu Uemura pore eraser began to be absorbed into the cracker, and The spf protects the skin layer  to prevent dark spots on the skin. Shu uemura has light formula. so easy to accept to our skin even sensitive skin. it will not produce acne.


be ready for SUMMER girls!
Remember : bring spf primer on your pouch as primer before makeup & Sunblock!


you can get it in on Sogo Plaza senayan, Glow Plaza Indonesia, Seibu Grand Indonesia

if not carefully pressed, the foam will come out a lot.

Shake it before use. pressed carefully, a half pressed produced foam and fluffy.

depending on the amount of usage, if u use every single day, i think only 2-3 month.

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thanks for reading
---- xoxo---

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