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Thursday 27 December 2012

Mega Last Lip Color Wet n Wild

Mega Last Lip Color By Wet N Wild

Mega Last Lip Color by Wet n Wild (Rp 79.000), This is 4 hours longwear lipstick with semi-matte effect.
not too matte as NYX Matte Lipstick, Texture is similiar with MAC Lipstick.
I used it for a day, and I found, The lipstick isn't easy to patch on clothes (if you don't press your lips on clothes).
Finally... Wet n wild already in INDONESIA ^_^

The shape of lipstick makes little hard in applying to the lips, to make the results neatly on the lips, I use lipbrush for creating stroke and coloring on my lips.


Red Velvet - Color is similiar with Revlon Colorburst in True Red (910D) and , a little Red than MAC Viva Glam in Cindy, and not really dark as NYX Round lipstick in Eros & NYX Black Label Lipstick in Cherry.


great lipstick, Pigmentation quite good, you can eat and drink, it isn't easy dissappear.
 --- Misskattie.com---

  • Where         : http://www.wetnwild.co.id/
  • How Much :  Rp 79.000,-
  • ANY CONS : only packaging make hard to apply, I need lip brush to help me.

anyway.. i realize use red colors is more difficult to me, because make all application neat sometime so hard to me.

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Event: Maybelline OMG SPEAK WITH MY EYES

hi everyone ╭(^▽^)╯
Misskattie was invited by Maybelline team to attend on their event. their namely : OMG! EYE SPEAK
I believe, all of you already know "maybelline", isn't it? (っ∩_∩)っ

Now! maybelline already launched their Indonesia Official website www.maybeline.co.id
you can see their latest news about Maybeline product, Promo, etc at their website.

if you browse on their website, you can see their put official "tutorial videos"
on here : http://www.maybelline.co.id/template.Aspx?page=videosTutorials
so, you can easily see how to achieve makeup with maybeline product. easy right?

Comming soon! they will make e-commerce for their website, so you can easily shopping and the package will come front of your door.

in the event, Maybelline asks us to speak with eyes, they gave me Awesome box, here was the box I got:

they also gave me an awesome masquerade mask, purple with gold glitters

I play with more liner on my eyes :)

 turns out, the world is really small...
one of team in Maybelline, named angel , she was my sister class at primary school...wow! she said, she looks my face so familiar. so, we have some picture together.

she asked me to makeup her eyes. I was surprised and did not confident enough, but I eventually ventured out to meet her demands. apparentlys he likes my makeup.
Chit - Chat:
Misskattie enjoy on their event although the location quite far from my home and in busy hours + street.
I meet bloggers from IBB : Nisa, Carryna, Carnerlin, Emily, Yuri, Endy Feng, Stella Lee, Jesslyn.
they are nice bloggers. Stella lee ,is the one greetings me on that event, she is a famous bloggers but never overbearing. thumbs up for her. in fact, i ever seen a Blogger - she doens't famous like STella, but she was overbearing to talk to me, I don't know why in her mind. She never wilingly the smile or want to see me. as I had done wrong to her. So, Please Thumbs up For Stella and Others IBB \(^o^)/ .

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