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Monday 25 August 2014

Recipe: sausage Meetball Soup

see on the video, how to cook Sausage Meetball Soup.


  • baby beans { you can choose how much as you need}
  • 2pcs carrots
  • Chilli
  • candle nut
  • garlic
  • Tomato
  • Green onion
  • celery
  • 200 gr of Miched beef
  • 2pcs beef sausage 

How to buy a Branded items From USA , without using USA Credit card and address

Shopbop.com Reviews, and experience
very interesting Title right?
oke guys.. I wanna tell a little experience. how I buy a branded bag From USA without using USA credit card or have an usa address.

this tips is important from all fashionista who are love to  buy branded items, expecially for outside USA & Canada.

I am really want to have a kate spade wallet with cheap price. that you guys in indonesia , already know, Kate spade in Indonesia is so expensive than u buy in USA. 
I really want to have this wallet
Ladies.. you now that most of high-end / Branded items in USA are not accept international credit card and ship outside USA.
that's why I am so happy when I found www.shopbop.com

when I enter to www.shopbop.com I look they have many collections from designers from A-Z.
my favourite brands are: kate spade, DKNY, Donna karan,Alexander wang,jimmy choo, etc.
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