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Tuesday 25 September 2012

EVENT: LANCOME Hypnosis Dolly eyes mascara

so, Saturday 22 September 2012, i get a chance to sit and see the battle of HANA and Carnelin from IBB :)
concept of this event is where 2 IBB becomes a conceptor makeup, and they will work with the makeup artist and the model itself.

Carnelin and Hana had to drive and their ideas to the MUA to implement their concept to models.

 carnelin was busy to search what the best colors for models, she has concept dool looks makeup.

 different  with carnelin, hana has a concept for playing with color for eyes to make it look like a barbie.

This is the result of their makeup :)

and the winner of this battle was 
carnelin! yeahh congratz ya ^_^ actually i like hanna concept. i look the model has bigger lid use her concept. unfortunately, many visitor vote for carnelin :) but it's oke ^_^ i like carnelin too. she was a kind blogger that i meet ^_^

and for the closing ceremony, they present Dance like a doll.
she looks like a doll, u know! she was tall OMG! and stunning ^_^
oh ya, i have a picture for u, this is my fav Bloggers , Hana anindita 
and carnelin 
she got TICKET PASS for de next battle for makeup. congratzz !!!
and here is the goodie bag that i got.
wow! I THINK polaroid is "in" now in many events. i get my first POLAROID photo from SHU events and then this one :) i have chance to take a pic with 2 beautiful models.

i know! you will say that i am smaller than de models,right? LOL! they are so tall, and have fair skin, OMG! i look darker with them LOL! and you can see i am so chubby compared with them. hahaa !!! i should diet for getting slim and proportional. not too skinny but not chubby.

and sure with Superrr MIniiiii Goddie bag.

thank u for reading my blog, i hope u enjoy ^^
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