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Saturday 11 August 2012

Marie France Bodyline

Source from Marie France Bodyline pic
Saturday, August 11,2012

I have an appointment with Marie France Bodyline. I made appointment to have treatment at Central Park Mall.
as you guys now, Marie France was a place to reduction over weight and non proportional body-shape.
all treatment they offers without fat surgery, drugs, and syringe. 100% from Herbal, calls Jamu and wrap treatment.
Are you curious now?? hehe.. let's read my experience.

all photos were take from my phone,sorry for bad quality :(, will be heavy if i brought My Camera anywhere.

i was impressed with their rooms, rooms are clean ,neat, and relax.

they set dim lighting, to make clients relax during treatment and don't dazzled.
they have wardrobe with mini locker with keys to lock your luggage during you did treatment.
oh ya, i was change my clothes to their uniform like peach pyjamas made from cotton.
they gave me disposable pants.you should change your pants with disposable pants because it will be wet during treatment.
after changing my clothes. one therapist comes to my room and ask me to to weigh my weight.
and measure my body's inch.
then, they start wrap all my bodies especially my tummy, but they didn't wrap my bust, it will make my breasts smaller. LOL!
therapist  wrapped me too tight, so that makes me hard to breathe, and move.

Didn't I look like a mummy?
they wrapped me for 25 minutes,and then they open all wrapped and my pyjamas already wet.
some people said, you will feel cold and not very strong when wrapped, even your teeth can chatter so cold. I feel it wasn't yet cool,  i don't know why...

after wrapped body treatment, i was changing my pyjamas into new one, with new disposable pants too., she what i found?? %$$#^*$%&*(#@$%>><
The new Pyjamas i Got. what do u think about their hygienic clothes? it like fungi? 
i ask them to change my pyjamas into new one and make sure it will hygienic  to use.
i was going to another machine treatment room. i am so sorry, i don't have the pict for it, my phone was turn off because low battery. :( so i will tell what treatment in that room.

my tummy got treatment using machine, first, i worried it will hurt me,because the electric machine.
therapist told me no worry for using their machine, it's safe. they will put more gel for my tummy will wrapped with gel and then machine will reduce my over shape and fat.

apparently, not as sordid as what I think. This tool is quite warm and makes my blood circulation smooth and relaxed, like massaged. they did it for 25minutes, and then they did massage on tummy with their massage cream with their own hands for 5minutes, like a spa.
ended with a foot massage and back.

after treatment, they gave me ginger tea for drinking.
and... therapist weigh my weight and measure my body again, Hulla! Hulla! i lost 0,5 kg and 2,5" for a treatment.

so did u curious to try their treatment?

did u know. that Dian Sastro after give a birth, she have non-proppisional shape, and she did their treatment for a month, and looks the result now!
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britzie said...

wow, bb mu uda turun brp kgs kat sjak ikutan marie france ;O

Unknown said...

Stgah kilo say ;)

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