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Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hi everyone, just make a quick update of what i got.
I got shopping voucher MAP Rp 200,000 From Emily. Lol!
She was getting this , from Lux event. Maybe if you attend lux event, you will know, She was one of lucky guest who got IDR 2 million shopping voucher from MAP ,select by random.
When her name was announce, i told to her.. "Wow... You are so lucky, its your day".
I never get a chance to win any random lottery. My name hasn't been shout as a winner of any lottery.
But, i will be the one as a chosen, and my name always shout ... If teacher / lecturer pick someone to answer their question or give a presentation.
OMG! My name always shout for situation like this.

Hahaha... But never mind, i am quite happy get a little voucher from emily.
It's not about i get voucher for shopping. IDR 200,000.

but, i see the meaning of this voucher that i was get.
She appreciated me :) i don't know why. I just looked. She was kind woman share her happy moment with me. Lol! I am so thankfully for her remember me. I never ask and hope her prize. Because its her lucky. Her fortune.
God giving it to her, not me :) she deserves to got it ;)

Thank u for reading my quick update. Thank u for emily .
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Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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