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Monday, 19 November 2012

too cool for school jolly jelly lipgloss review and swatch

Hello Beauties ^^
long time, i didn't make a review for Beauty Product and swatch..
I am Too busy to be a wife right now.
I never think, that to be a wife never easy as i thought. I don't have more time for my self for blogging, chatting and see Facebook / Twitter.
Maybe more Gossip already i skip during I take my Holiday ^_^

so, I am back to my duty and responsible as "junior" beauty Blogger.

I get Complete sets Too Cool For School Jelly Jolly Lipgloss From ZATURA SHOP, which is Online Shop Based on Jakarta - Indonesia, sells all Korean Cosmetic with Good Price (compare from official counter and Famous Online shop).
12 shades are available in misskattie's house ^_^
honestly, i never know about this brand before, until i got this package from ZATURA SHOP and i am going to some mall in Jakarta, there are a lot of stand for Too Cool For School. Expensive? yes! But, if you want have it with Great Price, ZATURA SHOP offers cheap than Counter.

Too Cool For School is Cosmetic's Brand From Korea, they have New York Designer for illustration packaging.

comes with Pastel pink , the weakness of this packaging is there aren't shade colors on the box.

and here are the 10 shades of Jolly jelly tint

  • #1 Pink Holiday :  Hot pink with gloss effect.
  • #2 Baby Strawberry: Pinkiest pale pink
  • #3 Nudy Orange: orange mix Nude beige color
  • #4 Peach Pink : Orange pink colors colors, my favorite colors
  • #5 Pinky Essence: Pale pink colors, i think... u need 5times to get the colors .
  • #6 Glam Gold: this is my fav colors too, i add it as final touch on every lipstick i wear, this is shimmer gold.
  • #7 Miky Lavender: the pale purple colors no shimmer.
  • #8 Fanta Orange: orange colors like orange juice.
  • #9 Mission Pink: fuschia pink colors, never go wrong with this colors for pale lip's tone.
  • #10 Water Red: the colors seems like Dear Darling Tint Etude in Red.

  • texture:
    like a jelly and give us moisturizer on lips.
    this aren't pigmented like lipstick. very comfortable and natural for everyday, even you wear #10 Water red.


    Mini Galleries:


    Lipgloss with light colours & Textures, recomended for everyday on Collage and Office makeup.


    you can ask them for details

    need more layers to get pigmented

    just applied on your lips, u can use your lipbalm to protect ur lips.

    depending on the amount of usage, if u use every single day, i think only 1month.

    Thank you for reading my blog ^^


    Susan Lolo Bua said...

    Hii.. Congratulation for being *wife* :)
    the colour of the lipgloss is so cute, i love the colour..pinky pinky :)

    sorry cannot give good comment since i dont know berkomentar about cosmetic, i only can say they are cute :) pinky.
    have a bless day

    Rosdiana said...

    Congrats and i agree with Susan. The colors are pretty.

    ardiana aditya said...

    Congrats Kak for the wedding :)
    Aw the colors are so pretty make me want to get one. ><

    Conietta Vyonella Zeyn said...

    waw mau
    lempar ke aku satu >.< LOL
    selamattttt ya dearrr, paling seneng banget kalau denger orang baru nikah, auranya beda gitu

    Conietta Vyonella Zeyn said...

    eh bukannya misskattie udah nikah lama ya?soalnya dulu aku pernah baca post baju pertunangan hehehe

    Catherine Kattie said...

    Thank u susan ;)

    Catherine Kattie said...

    Agree too with u guyz.
    Thanks for stopping here

    Catherine Kattie said...

    Yes... I never felt like ondel ondel , use their colors.

    Catherine Kattie said...

    Blmmmm tu br tunangan, nikahnya baru baru ini

    Sabrina Tedjokusuma said...

    Congratulation ce :)
    Warnanya cantik2 >.< *ngeces*

    | miss rhea | said...

    congrats for your wedding dear !! <3

    please join my 1st giveaway: http://rheapunya.blogspot.com/2012/11/miss-rheas-1st-giveaway-celebration.html

    Catherine Kattie said...

    Makasihhhh sabrinaa

    Catherine Kattie said...

    Makasihhh rheaa :)

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