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Sunday 13 October 2013

Review Glam Glow Youth Mud Mask

the first time.. I see it, I don't have any idea, what is it? when I read the details... it is mud musk from glamglow Beauty Box Indonesia. will it be same with Innisfree Jeju Volcanic soft Clay mask?
oke guys, like every Saturday, I do a review and test a new and unique product to share with you, so you will feel my experience by my review and photos.. So let's begin. 

GlamGlow Youth mud Mask  is come from the south of France Mediterranean Sea, home to glamorous Cannes, St.Tropez and Monaco.
GlamGlow Youth mud Mask designed for professional behind the scenes use in Hollywood's for immediate camera-ready glowing skin.

The first thought was appeared in my mind, weather is GlamGlow Youth mud Mask same like Innisfree Jeju volcanic clay mask If you have not read the review about Innisfree Jeju volcanic clay mask go to checkout by click HERE .

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So at this time, I want to test this product, and I have already film it but I still haven't yet published GlamGlow Youth mud Mask on you-tube, because  I have trouble in my memory card, hopefully. This week, my 2nd video will release. 

Talk about GlamGlow Youth mud Mask 
I can see the mud on the jar which has grey-green colors , texture same like Innisfree jeju volcanic clay mask but has been a little slightly thicker than than innisfree texture's have and  GlamGlow Youth mud Mask  have a little granules that jeju volcanic doesn't have.

I started putting all my  GlamGlow Youth mud Mask on my face, and guess what! 
what I feel for the first time?
I feel my face warm and itchy , I was thinking, if I do not suitable with this GlamGlow Youth mud Mask. different with Innisfree Jeju volcanic clay mask , I remember the first time i putting innisfree on my face, I just feel a little warm but not a lot like GlamGlow Youth mud Mask .

Don't worry Misskattie already test it , since I have sensitive skin, so I should have to be carefully to select any mask for my face. I feel warm only in 1 minute, it because GlamGlow Youth mud Mask  have main Ingredients, which is Mud. not only Mud, GlamGlow Youth mud Mask  has :
  • Green Tea Leaves (brighten complexion, balance oil, protects from radicals)
  • Volcanic Pumic Rock 
  • French sea clay
  • Volcanic Mineral
  • Ivy for tightens
  • Cucumber for anti inflammatory 
  • comfrey herb for anti aging
  • Lavender helps heal breakouts
  • Camomile 
  • Marigod Flower

here is my photo once I am putting GlamGlow Youth mud Mask on my face. same like innisfree jeju volcanic clay mask, it will quickly dry up on my face, Warning: don't forget to close the packaging properly after use it or your mask will be dried up.

GlamGlow Youth mud Mask can tighten my skin when the mask dries so I cannot talk a lot and move my facial muscles, different with Jeju Volcanic clay mask I still can talk, and  I do not feel my face tighten while using that mask. 

after GlamGlow Youth mud Mask mask dried, I clean it with warm water.

hahaha..  my face look more brightened and soft, until i write my review .. I still feel my face moist and toned. look at my face LOL!
when I touched my face, I found cystic acne on my face lifted off slowly Horay O-O

So, I would  recommend  this product for you ladies that using Innisfree Jeju Volcanic. 
wanna try? come to their store at 

Grand Indonesia | Kota Kasablanka Mall | Paris Van Java Bandung | Trans Studio Mall Makasar

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