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Tuesday 18 March 2014

GLAMGLOW Supermud mask Review

GLAMGLOW " Supermud " mask Review


Hello Sexy :)

Today , I wanna play with my new mask which is GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Mask.
this is what I promised in my last post.
I get a full size Supermud Mask from Glamglow. it is so amazing for me to try their hollywood-class mask. 



every supermud mask you buy, it will be covered by  a beautiful doff-white box. ( I hope, I am right in stringing words). when I opened the box. I see the beautiful tagline "hello sexy"... lol! I wanna say "yes, I am" :P. you will fell like Hollywood stars, because Glenn said that many Hollywood  actress used and love their mask.

You know Keanu Reeves? he is my fav. actor when he played film in Matrix and 47Ronin.
oh ya 47Ronin is a touched and romantic film like Romeo and Juliet - mixed with action. (you may watch 47Ronin on Youtube to look him).

oke skip talk about Keanu! It's not only, him.. Natalie Portman, Beyonce, and many more actresses used their mask before makeup. it because their mask can help your makeup stay longer and flawless onto your face.



Talk about texture, Supermud mask has a same texture with youthmud mask. the different both :
  • Supermud mask tends to dark color than youthmud mask 
  • Supermud isn't itchy and hot when we used it. I feel itchy and warm when used youth mud mask before (maybe I have sensitive skin).
  • Supermud mask is recommended for oily skin , their ingredients will help to hold your sebum to produce oil.
  • Both supermud and youthmud  are easy to dry, so you should speed up when you apply it and don't forget to close the jar properly to avoid dry.

my testimonial

some of the people try to compare with innisfree jeju volcanic soft and super. but for me, it's different! innisfree Jeju volcanic wasn't easy to dry and not make your face tight as Glaglow mudmask did.  They have different smile and composition, Glamglow Supermud mask can absorb your oil , so you will feel bright, clean and fresh after it.

Benefit of it:
  • you will have a clean and fresh face instantly!
  • your face will smooth 
  • invisible pore
  • tight feeling
  • makeup will stay longer.


they have 2 sizes: 10 grams and  34 grams. currently in Indonesia, they only have 34 grams to sell.
but, you can try their mask FREE when you visit their boutique at Plaza Indonesia, 4th Floor :)
you can talk with their friendly BA :) they will help you to choose the right mud mask for your skin type.

every mud mask you purchase. they guarantee you will get 100% hygiene mask. they seal every supermud mask! 


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